Wisdom – my arse!

Dear Wisdom Tooth,

Why are you referred to as a “Wise Tooth?”

Now with a title called “Wisdom” I have viewed you as being the Gandalf of my teeth, leading them carefully through the vigours of life, advising the fat little molars beside you when it’s safe to chew or when to chuck that lump of toffee over to the other side to deal with!

I would have viewed you as the fatherly tooth to those incisors, who like to pretend they’re stronger and more sharper than anyone else in there – well I guess they are sharper, sharp enough to look romantic in a sexy vampire movie – and old fat molar going for the neck probably wouldn’t look as good! Β However, I still rely on you as “the wisdom tooth” to keep them in line!

So if you are the Gandalf – the wise old tooth – why the fuck did you go in for the kill on Friday night with – lets face it – a small piece of “deep fried chilli beef” it was no where in the range of a tough old steak or one of “Nanny Beech’s hard butterscotch sweets – it was a soft bit of chilli beef from the Chinese Take-away – that I was so looking forward to after my crappy week 😳

You clearly didn’t assess the situation and just went in for the chew and – crunch – you are now fractured and broken 😳 and as a consequence you have cost me a weekend of acute pain, a visit to an emergency dentist, a course of antibiotics, Β I am doped up with pain killers and awaiting your removal.

Don’t think for one moment the tooth fairy will come for you!

Not very fucking wise now are you! 😜



32 thoughts on “Wisdom – my arse!

  1. πŸ˜€
    I’m very sorry for your pain (and I know how terrible tooth pain can be) , but you gave me a good laugh with your post πŸ˜‰
    Wishing you a quick removal (of the not so wise one) and a quick recovery πŸ™‚
    You know , I’m so un-wise that I don’t have them at all ( – nah ! not there ! x-rays can’t find them )
    Turtle Hugs

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  2. Actually, are they the youngest of all the teeth -and like the youngest boy in the family -they are predominantly taller then the other sons and a pain in the arse -since they are spoiled. This was funny and painful!

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      1. You never know when your favorite foods might turn on you, just part of life. Incidentally, I had never heard of Chinese chilli beef until you mentioned it, but after some googling and drooling over the yummy-looking pictures, I believe I need to have some RIGHT NOW… πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hey darlin – I’m still taking pain killers and just trying to keep pain under control until it can be removed. I’m in UK so have to wait for hospital to fit me in 😁 it’s bearable atm just hope it stays that way till I go in – no more Chinese for a while 😱 thanks for asking xxx

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      1. Hopefully not – dentist reckons as an emergency – 4 weeks – yikes!!

        I can’t actually touch it at all – nerve is exposed. Where in UK are you? We’re in Northamptonshire in the Midlands. Hey wouldn’t it be funny if you lived round the corner 😁😁

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