Is school open yet?


Is it? I wonder? Would they mind if I go and sit in the car park now – and wait till morning?😨

“Don’t go down the stairs – backwards and upside down” I say to 4th born 😨

She takes no notice “it’s easy” she says “I can see backwards and upside down” 😱😨

“Ok, don’t come crying to me when you fall on your head and hurt yourself” I say.

To which she flees screeching to her bedroom “I’m going to stay in my room – all by myself – because you clearly don’t love me – or care about me hurting myself” 😄😄😄


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Understanding ❤❤

I still miss her so much ❤ Merry Christmas Mom xxx


“Have you got everything?” she would ask.  “Give me three rings on the phone when you get home” she would say, hovering around the car.  “Yes Mom” I will I would say slightly exasperated “I only live an hour up the road 😁

I always intended to ring, but sometimes not straight away.  The phone would ring, her little worried voice “just checking your home” x

I understand now Mom, I truly understand xx

Safe flight, keep safe my dear Sons and – please – three rings when you get there ❤

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Getting ready for Christmas 😜

Hi folks 😊 long time no speak/write.  I’ve been reblogging some of my old posts, not out of laziness but more out of starting a new job, which is fab but on a personal level not finding much sunshine over the past few week.

There’s everyone “Ooooh I’m all ready for Christmas, everything bought, everything wrapped bla bla bla ……” and then there’s Me – “hmmmm should I be making a list or something” 😳

I decided I had to take control of the situation and me and Jeffrey decided to go Christmas shopping today – together – alone – quite frankly this is always a bad idea!  He’s like an elderly parent – you turn your back and he’s wandered off somewhere, so I then have to spend the next half hour looking for him!

We got 2nd born to babysit the girls and gathered our stuff together.  “Where are you going?” asked 4th born accusingly

“We’re going to the Zoo – to buy a cage to put you and your sister in” I replied – they have been little beasts lately 😳

Without batting an eyelid she replied “I want the biggest cage – not her!” 😄

I hope you are all doing better than I am with your Christmas plans – if you’ve managed to bag yourself a turkey and a Christmas pudding – I’ll be joining you on the 25th! 😄


Rules of the household :)


We all know that in every household there has to be “rules”- like replacing the loo rolls, putting the lid on the toothpaste, hanging towels back up – these, incidentally, are Jeff`s “rules” which no-one takes any notice of 🙂 Mine, however, are a whole different ball game, and god forbid if you mess with my rules 🙂

Both Jeff and I work bloody hard, full-time, so we do share a lot of the household jobs – he`s in charge of keeping the toilet seat warm on his return from work and then progresses to chief sofa warmer during an evening 🙂 The lion`s share of the cleaning, looking after the girls, organising school uniforms, washing and ironing etc., is my domain – you may have noticed I missed out cooking – I do that too – but quite badly, I’m very lucky that Jeff is so grateful to have something/anything…

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The turkey has landed …. and so have the “Trolls”

Yep the same this year too 🍸😨


Oh yes the Christmas Turkey has landed 😃 Christmas is now officially happening – or at least the turkey is – unlike last year when I left it too late and turkeys had all sold out 😳  However, I’m not so sure about the “bearded one” landing and bearing his gifts for the “Trolls” – sorry offspring 😜 I think when he gets a report about them he may run screaming back to his sleigh, shoving a carrot in the reindeers gobs to get them to go faster!

Now I love this time of year for many reasons, but one reason that sits quite high on my list is the fact that you are almost certainly guaranteed lovely well-behaved, polite children for at least a couple of weeks in the build up.  When they’re about to kick off, all it takes is a sly little glance in the garden, their…

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Three legged donkey is back!😜

Thank you folks for still giving me the odd few likes, follows and comments 😜 I know that following me recently is like following a three legged donkey!

However I’m still here, although I did have trouble logging on to WordPress – it just kept logging me out – I’m sure I heard some sniggers and a few mutterings of “You’re having a fucking laugh trying to get back on here – after dumping us for so long” 😜

What can I say – my mojo has taken a bit of a beating lately for various reasons and I’ve had loads happening – some good and some not so good but my mojo is no longer a mofo and I’m back again!

I hope you’re all ok and I look forward to catching up on your blogs 😊 We’re off to the Christmas Party for the kids at Jeff’s works tomorrow – it involves a Pantomime and a visit to Santa – although I’m not sure they are convinced anymore of how genuine this Santa is – mainly because fourth born said he was picking his nose last year! 😳 and no doubt she’ll tell him this year ………….

I’ll let you know how it goes 😜

An unexpected break ……… “snort snort” 😄

Hope you’re all well? 😊 have loads happening atm, very ill family member, a resignation, a new job, another offspring fleeing the nest – normal service will resume soon! Have a great weekend 😁


And so it came about that my eyeball felt like it was hanging out of my eye – what had begun as a simple stye on my eye – or so I thought – turned out to be much worse.

I don’t like being ill or going to the doctors – I’m far too busy for all that shit – so I put off going to get my swollen eyeball checked out.  Eventually I couldn’t lower my head for the pain, which went from my dodgy eye right down to my jaw.  Jeff eventually had enough and forced me into the car – he had to force me cos I could no longer see the bloody car!  Off we toddled to the Eye Hospital, with me moaning the whole way about how we were wasting valuable NHS time – all for a bloody stye!  By this time I could have fitted…

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Compassion and kindness

I really can’t bear seeing videos of folk on Facebook “doing good deeds” like handing out clothes or food to the homeless and less fortunate.

Who are they doing it for?  Do they really think that person wants to be splashed all over Social Media?  Maybe all they have left is a little pride and self-respect – which is torn away when they are used in this way!

Please don’t stop giving – don’t stop caring – but do it from the heart.

Show you care via fund raising, which raises awareness and inspires others to do the same.

Do it simply because you care about your fellow man.

Do it because you feel compassion.

Do it because you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy.

Please don’t do it for praise or for “likes” on Facebook – because when you do – you cheapen the act of kindness.

Disillusioned 😳

Having a browse through the “buying and selling” sites and I come across this:

For sale: An Occasional Table, good condition 😳

What on earth is an “Occasional Table?”

Does this mean you’re a table – Monday to Friday – but on the weekend you turn into a giraffe called Gordon and entertain the public with a series of party tricks?

Poor little disillusional table – once a table, always a table 😛