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Warning – I’m going to cuss – a lot! 😳

So the car goes into the garage for repair – Fuck! It needed a new clutch which will cost – wait for it – £500 – gulp – Fuck!

But never mind – being the eternal optimist – remember that PPI Payment that was owed to me – apparently the cheque is on its way – for a grand total of £13.63

Bastards! Another fuckity fuck! 😕😕

Wanky bastard car! 🚗


Give with one hand ……..

A fortnight ago I unexpectedly received a letter from a credit card company that I used to have an account with several years ago.  They very kindly informed me that they owed me my PPI payments, which they mis-sold to me.  I had to send a copy of our marriage certificate and they would be in touch and the cheque forthcoming!

To say I was over the moon was an understatement.  I know it won’t be a massive amount but how lovely to be owed money for a change.

I decided I would use it to get the gear box fixed on the car, finish the bastard decorating in the downstairs loo – let Jeff buy his extra bits for his quad-copter, get my hair coloured, professionally – instead of looking like a badger when I colour it myself, oh the bloody list was endless 😄

I still haven’t received the cheque from them – but there was no rush.

What I did receive in the post today was a letter from the Tax Office to say I had been overpayed in tax credits and owed them £412.00 – bastards!  So guess where my little windfall is going ……….

Looks like my badger head will remain for the foreseeable future along with my half finished downstairs loo – plus Jeff may need to ride 18 miles on a bicycle to work before too long! 😄


The Working Mom

This weekend 3rd born lasted 24 hours on her Brass Monkey Scout Camp and came home a night early.  That was all fine, her and her little friend both said they felt unwell but I’m thinking it was more to do with being bloody exhausted, cold and muddy!

What was very hard to deal with though was her phone call to me late last night on her return.  I was halfway through a 16 hour shift and still had another 8 hours of a nightshift to do.

Little sobbing tears “I want you to come home Mommy” 😢

On one end of the scale I wanted to do nothing more than get in my car and come home to comfort her – and I know there would be folk out there who would come out with that old raspberry “nothing is more important than my child – I would have left and been there”

But – sometimes it’s really not that simple.

Last night in my work capacity I was responsible for 9 vulnerable adults – I couldn’t just “get in my car and go home to my crying child” even though my child is clearly more important than anything else.

3rd born was safe and warm at home with her Dad and family.  If I ran out of my job every time any one of my children requested I would no longer have a job – and as a consequence – they wouldn’t have a roof over their head and a full tummy!

I’ve always worked – from the age of 14 – I’ve always worked.  I work because I have to – to pay the mortgage and bills.  I’m fortunate to do a job that I love.  But even if money was not an issue – I would still work – because this gives me a sense of self- respect and pride.  I’m healthy and intelligent – why would I chose not to work and not offer something back to society?

I hope I have taught my children a good work ethic and that you shouldn’t get something for nothing in this world – if you want something you must work for it.

I hope they are secure enough of my love to never, ever, feel second best to anything or anybody in my life but also realise that I have a responsibility in other areas of my life outside the home.

Course I’ve told her I’m not going to work tonight – I’m staying home with her instead – which has given us both a little warm fuzzy feeling inside ❤️


Pay day – where are you???

I`ve been so bloody good the past week, using up all the contents of the fridge and freezer, using up all those dodgy tins that you normally leave for the donation to the Harvest Festival, cos you just know you are never going to eat tinned mince or luncheon meat – quite frankly I would rather eat my own toe nails!

But, needs must and all that – January is a tough month so it`s time to tighten your belts and make a few sacrifices to get through to pay day.

I`ve paid my penance for overspending in December and I’m really pleased and proud that I`ve managed to feed a family of 6, plus 2 doggies and a cat on next to nothing – well basically I haven’t cooked anything 😜

Jeffrey just rang “I’m going to be late back from work honey” he informed me “didn’t want dinner to be spoilt”

“bhahahahahahahahaha😄 What dinner is that then Jeff?”

How funny – my lovely husband lives in hope 😄

Now where the fuck is the Chinese Menu ………………