Rules of the household :)


We all know that in every household there has to be “rules”- like replacing the loo rolls, putting the lid on the toothpaste, hanging towels back up – these, incidentally, are Jeff`s “rules” which no-one takes any notice of 🙂 Mine, however, are a whole different ball game, and god forbid if you mess with my rules 🙂

Both Jeff and I work bloody hard, full-time, so we do share a lot of the household jobs – he`s in charge of keeping the toilet seat warm on his return from work and then progresses to chief sofa warmer during an evening 🙂 The lion`s share of the cleaning, looking after the girls, organising school uniforms, washing and ironing etc., is my domain – you may have noticed I missed out cooking – I do that too – but quite badly, I’m very lucky that Jeff is so grateful to have something/anything…

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9 thoughts on “Rules of the household :)

      1. She would be more than welcome! Mind you she may possibly return a proper party animal as the boys will take her clubbing and drinking – she will swear like a trooper after being around me – the girls may put her off teaching for life – Jeff will teach her to cuss with a Salf African accent – but the dog and cat she’ll love ❤

        I’m going to make up the spare room, just in case …….. 😁

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  1. I googled it x I’m actually very moved by those words x Don’t we all aspire to have those qualities – I’m human and lack many of them but I’m still growing and learning and will continue ………. ❤

    I don’t know if you’ve seen my fb posts and read the truly sad time we’ve had the past fortnight – you nearly made me cry (in a nice way!)

    Blessings my Tridonk buddy 😘 xxx


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