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Chicken or fish? ðŸ˜„

Fourth born gave a dramatic sigh “I can’t eat anymore of my dinner, I’m full up”

As she starts to scurry away to the kitchen I stop her “Show me your plate” I said “I want to see how much you’ve eaten”

She brings over her plate “I’ve eaten my broccoli and carrots and nearly all my chicken”

Chicken??? “You didn’t have any chicken – you had Fish” 😄

“That’s why I can’t eat my chicken – it tastes like Fish!!!”



Off you trot 2015 …..

I always tend to get rather nostalgic at the end of the year.  I begin to reminisce about all the happy occasions and then the sad – mentally making resolutions to better myself in the coming year, being more kind, tolerant and understanding of myself and others ……..😇

What a load of old bollocks – all I’m interested in at New Year is how much lambrini I can consume without falling over and showing my knickers and how many Pringles and pork pies I can eat before I vow New Year, New Diet 😜

Actually I’m happy to see the back of this year.  I do usually try to do a review of the year but to be honest, losing my lovely, kind and gentle Mom overshadows anything else.  I hope she’s happy up there and no longer suffering with her poor little hands and legs.  I wonder if she’s found my Dad in the local pub – I’m assuming they have a “local” up there and whether she chucked another Christmas dinner at him coz he’d been at the bloody pub instead of coming home for dinner 😄 I miss her so much still – but we’re all doing fine – of course we are – we belonged to her xx

As a consequence I suffered quite a lot this year with my Colitis, obviously triggered by the stress of losing Mom – by June I was on a mega dose of steroids – which in turn helped me grow a rather impressive beard – I  had to turn down the chance of appearing on The Worlds Strongest Man programme – due to a commitment to appearing as a guest on the Teletubbies 😜

Anyway I wish you all a Happy New Year – thank you for reading and sharing – 2016 – brings it on 🎊🎉🎇🎆