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The No Mirror Challenge – the verdict 😜

I know, I know – I’m a night early and should be doing this tomorrow evening but I’m out tomorrow and I’m sure there is someone somewhere on the Blogosphere who is eagerly awaited my verdict 😳 is there?  Hello?  Hello?  Yoohoo?

Anyway here we go ……….

Once upon a time there was a little boy on his way to the park to play football.  He was hurrying as he wasn’t allowed out for too long and was looking forward to seeing his friends.

As he came down the road he saw an old lady.  She was almost bent double carrying two heavy bags of groceries.  As the little boy approached he could see how much she was struggling.

“Can you help me across the road?” she cackled at the little boy with a toothless smile

The little boy was startled, she truly looked like the old witch in Hansel and Gretel.  He hesitated, boy was she a scary sight! And he was desperate to get to the park – but he was a kind little boy so took the heavy bags from her knarled old hands and dutifully carried them across the road.

When they reached the other side she smiled her thanks and in a flash of light turned into a beautiful princess who granted the little boy three wishes ……….

The moral of this story is this – beauty is on the inside – never judge someone from how they look – there just may be a beautiful princess inside!

This is the story I’ve told to all four of my children as they were growing up – always telling them not to judge from the outside.

Of course it has backfired a few times – like the time I took 1st and 2nd born down to the nursing home I was currently working at and they looked expectantly at all the old ladies awaiting a transformation and three wishes …….. 😄

Anyway my week of not using a mirror and finding my inner beauty has not gone bad at all – I will confess I relapsed at the weekend but that was unavoidable.

No kind child offered to carry my shopping though – probably just as well as I didn’t have any wishes to give away!

I also came to the conclusion that I don’t look in the mirror half as much as I thought I did – probably why I look like a scarecrow most of the time – a happy scarecrow 😃

Beware of this little witch – she’s likely to put a spell on you!



Still not looked ………. :)

My first day of “The No Mirror Challenge” was off to a fairly good start 😃

Although there was a dodgy moment first thing yesterday morning when I was summoned to the bathroom by Jeffrey.  Inching my way into the bathroom I very cleverly turned my back to the bathroom mirror before I asked what he wanted.  He was waving around his toothbrush and not looking very happy!

“What the fuck has happened to my toothbrush!” he declared!  I took a closer look – all the toothbrush bristles were chopped off – had to be the work of 4th born!   😂😂

I had to turn my back to him as a snorted and tried not to laugh – and as a consequence came face to face with the mirror – however, I’m going to let this one go and not count it as a failure because I didn’t have my contacts in and all I saw was a fuzzy shape – I did spot my red nose though, but nothing serious.

IMAG2347I just know it will get harder as the days go on – the bristles on my chin will need chopping off – another job for 4th born …………….

Have a good day folks 🙂

The No Mirror Challenge

Following on from my post “Mirror, mirror on the wall …..” myself and Element at have come up with our very own “No Mirror Challenge” 🙂  The idea is to go a whole week without using a mirror, any mirror.  We are promoting “beauty on the inside” plus a few broccoli bits in your teeth 🙂

We are going to post next Tuesday evening how we have found the week, did it make a difference to how we behaved?  Are we going to find it enlightening or a nightmare?

I think I`ll find it easy for the next few days.  I work alone at nights so as long as I’m clean it doesn’t really matter whether my hair or make-up is up to scratch.  Sleeping in the daytime will also mean it can easily be achieved – the weekend may prove a challenge though 🙂

I`ve woken up today with a horrible cold so it`s probably not in my best interest to look in any mirror, I can only imagine my red eyes and streaming nose 🙂

Feel free to join us and let us know how you get on and remember – we are all beautiful!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall …..

Not even gonna finish that sentence – the fairest clearly isn’t me judging by the bastard  mirrors in my house! Well apart from one! Ha!

My mirror in my bathroom is seriously the best mirror ever 🙂  This mirror makes me look “hot” yes, it bloody does, even first thing in the morning I look pretty good.  My hair always looks fuller and shinier, when I`ve done my make up, it always looks flawless – no facial hair in sight 🙂 even my boobs look larger than life – lying bastard mirror ……….

I trot down the stairs feeling fab and reach the mirror at the bottom of the stairs ……… In this mirror I look as if I`ve gained 3 stone – I look as if I`ve eaten a doughnut at every stair, my hair has flopped, I have a moustache and a 5 o`clock shadow!  My complexion looks orange, like I`ve been tango`d and I seem to have left my boobs on the landing somewhere!

Depressed, I walk into the lounge to the other mirror where my head looks misshapen and frankly quite scary and the rest of me has deteriorated to the point I`ve been known to fall in a heap on the floor wailing and vowing to never leave the house again!

Like most I don’t go much on what other people look like.  My Mom always said “you can`t judge a sausage by it`s skin” 🙂  I believe looks do attract initially but if someone is ugly on the inside then it very much tars how you perceive them.

So this got me thinking, I wonder what sort of world we would live in if mirrors didn’t exist?  If no one had a bloody clue what they looked like I wonder if our personalities and characters would change – because let`s be honest, the vision we see in the mirror is not a true vision of ourselves anyway.  When I`m stood next to Jeff at the bathroom mirror – yep the lying bastard mirror – I look at Jeff`s reflection and he looks different to how I view him in the flesh – its like sleeping with a “new Jeff” every night Ha! 🙂

When I feel I look good, I feel confident and sassy.  I swan around as if I’m Maria Carey, flirting and flicking my hair and feeling like a million dollars – when actually I look more like Jim Carey!

When I look in that other bastard mirrors I tend to shuffle off, head down and not saying boo to a goose – confidence at zero.

So if we could all make an effort to smash all the mirrors in the world, we would all be happy – living in the little bubble of believing we are “hot” and wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk – the world would be a happier place, with no one feeling bad about how they look – course, leave my little mirror in the bathroom alone 🙂


I bloody hate swimming! 😳

One of my very first posts from when I still didn’t have any boobs 😄

I bloody hate swimming!  I think I`m mentally scarred from my teenage school days!

Swimming was always in the middle of the day, after you`d spent the morning applying your blue eyeshadow, flicking your hair into the latest Farah Fawcett Majors hair style and applying your Avon “Sweet Honesty” perfume.  You came out of the pool, rushing, so you`re not late for Double Maths, trying to pull your school uniform onto your still wet back, hair hanging down your neck like a load of rats tails, stinking of chlorine and eyes all red and bloodshot – looking like an extra from the Thriller video!

Course all this would have been worth it – had I had some boobs!  I was probably one of the last people in the school to grow a chest – well actually I`m still awaiting them now.  Worse of it was – I did grow an incredible amount of hair – and this was before I had discovered a Ladyshave!!  I would struggle into my school swimming costume, which occasionally I put on back to front – no one told me – in fact no one noticed ………… yet I would look like I had a hedgehog shoved down the front, trying to escape from the top of my thighs!!  My legs resembled something that had escaped from a Wildlife Park – teenage years were very trying for me.DSC01096

I`ve done the sensible parent thing of ensuring all my children had swimming lessons – this was so I didn`t have to go in the sodding pool with them, which was why I was horrified when I took the girls a few years ago and was told Lana was still too young to go in without an adult – for fucks sake, surely a child of 4 can doggie paddle their way out of difficulties!

Course they were very disappointed, and because I love my children, most of the time, I duly went home to get my costume.

I`ve had the same swimming costume – yep that one in the photo – the old Speedo – for most of my adult life.  Buying a new swimming costume features very low on my list of priorities.  The last time I had worn this costume was in South Africa, on the beach.  When I needed a wee I duly went to the toilets, rather than wee in the sea like I’m sure most folk do, but being too lazy to take costume off, I just tugged it to the side.  I guess like most things, a costume has a shelf-life and eventually the elastic will go.

So after reluctantly getting my costume I took the girls swimming.  After hovering on the side with a face like a slapped backside – off I bobbed, doing my breast-stroke – things felt a little strange – down below………. felt like I wasn’t wearing anything ………………

And low and behold – the elastic had gone in my gusset – as I breast stroked my way across the pool, my gusset was down to my knees – the Life-guards whistle blew – he nearly fell off his platform in his hurry to leave the poolside…………

As a consequence I no longer have a costume and cannot take my children swimming – funnily enough they don’t want me to go with them anymore ……….. 🙂