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Anything goes 👫 👬 👭 ❤️

So 3rd born returned from school, happy as Larry, with no signs of whatever pained her this morning 😄

Meanwhile 4th born comes home with a declaration of love from a classmate.  I’m guessing with it being Leap Year and all that.

The declaration of love, which was a little note saying “I love you” was given to Lana by a little girl – a little girl, who thinks Lana is a little boy – Lana thinks she’s a little boy – but she is infact a little girl – love can be very confusing at times ❤️

Happy Leap Year – I hope all your declarations of love are reciprocated too!


Day off sick?

I tend to be very strict with my children about having a day off sick from school.  I think it came from when as a single parent I was adamant the boys would do well and they had to clearly almost dying before I allowed them to be off sick.  It backfired on me a few times, like when the school rang to say Cam had a temperature of 104 and I needed to collect him – NOW!

But I’m also very much aware that 9 times out of 10 by the time they get to school they feel fine and when they return home they are gagging to go out to play, with my mention of the illness that plagued them that morning.

This morning my eldest daughter was doing a great impression of a dying swan, with all kinds of aches and pains.  I’ve sent her to school, with cuddles and reassurance that the good old Calpol will sort her out in no time!

But – I do feel horrible and have a nagging worry that she may genuinely feel poorly and I’ve marched her off like a little soldier into battle.

So all you parents out there – when do you decide your child warrants a day off from school?  Do you give them the benefit of doubt – or are you a heartless cow like me? 😳

Silly Siri 😄

Listening to Lana having a conversation in her room with Siri.  She begins with a lot of small talk.

“Why are fire engines red Siri?”

“Where is my school Siri?”

This continues for a while.  They’re obviously getting on a treat, so she ups the game.

“Will you go out with me Siri?” she asks him

“Do you mean me?” Siri asks

“Yes, will you go out with me – you know, go on a date with me?”

“Sorry” says Siri, “I don’t have the answer to that”


“I don’t have the answer to that” responds Siri

“Oh your stupid Siri, don’t want to go out with you now”

Princess in the making 😄

Talking to 3rd born about the monarchy – how you become a King or Princess etc – she enquires whether she could ever marry into royalty, I said probably not as we are classed as commoners and not from a titled family.

“Well I have got a pair of gold earrings” she said 😍

Right then – where’s the number for Buckingham Palace ……. 😄

Quilt or Duvet?

In our household we always say Quilt not Duvet.  I’m not sure what is correct – probably doesn’t matter.

When Lana progressed from our bed to her “big girls” bed I treated her to some new bedding, including a new quilt cover.

She was snuggled up in her bed, under her new quilt cover, when one of my sons girlfriends came over

“Lana, you have a new duvet cover – how lovely” 😀

Lana looked abit perplexed.  I gave her a kiss goodnight and she whispered “It’s a quilt cover isn’t it Mommy?  She called it a Quooovey” 😄

Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

'Enability' blog

Today I came across this petition. I recently learned about these “men’s rights activists” and it makes me sick. The things he says are horrible and I couldn’t read his blog. I had to protect myself from him as a multiple rape victim. Not reading his ‘diary’ doesn’t mean that I’m turning a blind eye and I keep up-to-date with news articles. I hope everyone will sign this petition, not just women but also men. It is against the policy of Facebook and against human rights.

You can find the petition here.

“You may have heard recently about Roosh Valizadeh — the men’s rights activist who argues that rape should be legalised. Roosh recently planned several meetups for likeminded men in communities around the globe. Thankfully, the gatherings have since been cancelled due in large part to the widespread backlash from women’s rights proponents. But the work is far from done…

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Window of opportunity 😃

Children and household chores, what a bloody palaver.  If you are giving them pocket money they need to do something to earn it – it’s drummed in to them that you don’t get something for nothing in this world.

You know when children are small and all they want to do is help Mommy – it’s such a bloody pain at times.  You know you must let them help but quite frankly you also know they are just going to make a bloody mess, which will take you twice as long to clear up 😜

For example Lana took it upon herself to wash up – what a sweetie and what a mess!  Half a bottle of washing up liquid later, bubbles up to the ceiling – all over the kitchen floor and us tasting Fairy Liquid in our tea for a week.  She then progressed to emptying the dishwasher – that should be fool-proof I thought, till I saw her take the dishes out of the dishwasher and lay them all neatly on the kitchen floor, amongst the dog and cat hairs and last weeks crumbs 😁

But things are looking up!  My beautiful sassy 3rd born daughter, who is 11 this year, has just reached that stage where she is old enough to do a job properly and is just at that stage – before puberty and attitude – where she genuinely wants to learn how to cook (she’s on a loser there with me teaching her) she also wants to do the ironing, she didn’t even finish that sentence and I had the ironing board up and basket(s) of washing ready for her 😃

I know this is a once in a childhood thing – that little window of opportunity where you only have a limited time to teach them all those household chores that every child needs to know – before they’re slamming doors and not wanting to even talk to you anymore.

Tonight I will teach her to sew – because her little sister has 3 cub badges that need putting on her uniform 😄

Tomorrow I will teach her to cook dinner because I’m going out for the evening 😄

Oh the opportunities are endless!

I’m going to enjoy the next few weeks 😄 unless of course her window of opportunity finishes by the end of this week 😄



Real men and quiche


Someone posted a photo of a magnificent quiche they had made.  I looked at it and though “yeah I could do that” 😄 Off I trotted and bought all the ingredients for my pastry and filling ………

“I was intending to make you a home made quiche for dinner tonight” I said to Jeff “but I then realised I didn’t have a flan dish to make it in”😳

“Phew that was lucky” he replied 😳