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The No Mirror Challenge – the verdict 😜

I know, I know – I’m a night early and should be doing this tomorrow evening but I’m out tomorrow and I’m sure there is someone somewhere on the Blogosphere who is eagerly awaited my verdict 😳 is there?  Hello?  Hello?  Yoohoo?

Anyway here we go ……….

Once upon a time there was a little boy on his way to the park to play football.  He was hurrying as he wasn’t allowed out for too long and was looking forward to seeing his friends.

As he came down the road he saw an old lady.  She was almost bent double carrying two heavy bags of groceries.  As the little boy approached he could see how much she was struggling.

“Can you help me across the road?” she cackled at the little boy with a toothless smile

The little boy was startled, she truly looked like the old witch in Hansel and Gretel.  He hesitated, boy was she a scary sight! And he was desperate to get to the park – but he was a kind little boy so took the heavy bags from her knarled old hands and dutifully carried them across the road.

When they reached the other side she smiled her thanks and in a flash of light turned into a beautiful princess who granted the little boy three wishes ……….

The moral of this story is this – beauty is on the inside – never judge someone from how they look – there just may be a beautiful princess inside!

This is the story I’ve told to all four of my children as they were growing up – always telling them not to judge from the outside.

Of course it has backfired a few times – like the time I took 1st and 2nd born down to the nursing home I was currently working at and they looked expectantly at all the old ladies awaiting a transformation and three wishes …….. 😄

Anyway my week of not using a mirror and finding my inner beauty has not gone bad at all – I will confess I relapsed at the weekend but that was unavoidable.

No kind child offered to carry my shopping though – probably just as well as I didn’t have any wishes to give away!

I also came to the conclusion that I don’t look in the mirror half as much as I thought I did – probably why I look like a scarecrow most of the time – a happy scarecrow 😃

Beware of this little witch – she’s likely to put a spell on you!



Mindfulness Ha! 😜

Mindfulness – the state of being aware of the present moment – of just “being” in that moment.

Yeah I can do that, that would be good practice for me.  To stop fretting about what’s going on tomorrow or next week, to stop over analysing situations that have happened.  Recently I had to study dream intepretations to find out why I dreamt about a chimpanzee called Colin, the dream intepretation told me that dreaming about a chimpanzee means I am over analysing situations – I’m now over analysing why I dreamt about a chimpanzee called Colin – who is Colin?  I don’t know anyone called Colin – I don’t actually know any chimpanzees either 😳

Anyway, back to mindfulness ……… I get into bed to grab a couple of hours sleep before my nightshift – I’m really trying to get away from the washing up from a roast dinner Ha!

I snuggled into bed, all cosy and warm but my mind is so busy!

“January is such a shit month” says my busy mind “completely broke till pay day aren’t we”

“Shut up” I mutter “I’m not going to think about that now”

“Umm, it’s gonna be a toughy, we don’t have any peanut butter for 3rd borns toast in the morning”

“Doesn’t matter, she can have cereal instead”

“She’s not going to fall for you telling her those Bran Flakes are chocolate covered cornflakes you know”

“Fuck Off – I need to sleep – she can have porridge, we do have porridge”

“Ah, but do we have enough milk?”

Ohhhh is that Jeff pottering around in the kitchen, perhaps he will do the washing up 😋

“I think we’ve run out of washing up liquid”

“Bollocks, you’re right”

“Shit, that means no back up for shampoo, cos that will run out soon too”

“Stop it right there!  I’m going to sleep – shut up!”

Mindfulness – I am here, I am warm in my bed, I have a bed!  I am safe, I am loved, I have a family and a home ………..

“You might be homeless if you don’t pay the mortgage at the end of the month though – January is such a shit month isn’t it?”