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Getting old! 😳

I just came back from food shopping.  There was a time when, if two young men stood close to me at the checkout I used to think they were flirting with me – now I assume they are going to mug me and steal my purse!

I’ve turned into a suspicious old woman, clutching my handbag and scowling at anyone who looks young enough to be my offspring! 😳

On the brighter side I’m on a mini hollibob again – 5 glorious days off whilst Jeff is working in France – 5 glorious days of clearing out cupboards, washing, ironing, cleaning and doing all those shitty jobs I don’t have time to do normally 😳  I’m also going to overdose on Orange is the New Black!

Have a good week folks! 😃


Cussing 😳

Do you get offended by bad language?  Does it have an impact on what you’re reading? Does it give you an bad impression of someone?  Do you think it makes someone appear less intelligent and unable to express themselves without the need to swear?

Personally it doesn’t trouble me and doesn’t give me any negative impressions – I tend to act like a naughty child when I hear and say the F word 😃

I had a conversation with my in-laws the other night.  They do read my blog and fortunately are broad-minded enough not to be offended by my language.  As it happens I don’t swear generally, certainly not infront of the girls.  Jeff and their older brothers, who all work in a predominantly male environment, all quite regularly swear – but I don’t 😇

I guess this is my outlet and sometimes only the F word will do!

I hate bad language on children and I have never heard my girls utter any profanities – we’ll certainly not infront of us.  I sometimes imagine them going into school, seeing their teacher and saying “how the fuck you doing Miss?” “We’re not doing those bastard fractions again are we?” 😳

Wisdom – my arse!

Dear Wisdom Tooth,

Why are you referred to as a “Wise Tooth?”

Now with a title called “Wisdom” I have viewed you as being the Gandalf of my teeth, leading them carefully through the vigours of life, advising the fat little molars beside you when it’s safe to chew or when to chuck that lump of toffee over to the other side to deal with!

I would have viewed you as the fatherly tooth to those incisors, who like to pretend they’re stronger and more sharper than anyone else in there – well I guess they are sharper, sharp enough to look romantic in a sexy vampire movie – and old fat molar going for the neck probably wouldn’t look as good!  However, I still rely on you as “the wisdom tooth” to keep them in line!

So if you are the Gandalf – the wise old tooth – why the fuck did you go in for the kill on Friday night with – lets face it – a small piece of “deep fried chilli beef” it was no where in the range of a tough old steak or one of “Nanny Beech’s hard butterscotch sweets – it was a soft bit of chilli beef from the Chinese Take-away – that I was so looking forward to after my crappy week 😳

You clearly didn’t assess the situation and just went in for the chew and – crunch – you are now fractured and broken 😳 and as a consequence you have cost me a weekend of acute pain, a visit to an emergency dentist, a course of antibiotics,  I am doped up with pain killers and awaiting your removal.

Don’t think for one moment the tooth fairy will come for you!

Not very fucking wise now are you! 😜


Fairy Liquid Family 😃

Our dishwasher packed up earlier this week – we have to wait another week for the engineer to come and fix it!

As you can imagine the bloody horror of all the washing up from a family of 6 plus, that now has to be done by hand 😳

But we’ve all knuckled down to the soap suds and done our fair share of washing up by hand – well apart from me yesterday – more fucking guilt to deal with!!!!

Its been rather fun, back to basics – the smell of good old Fairy Liquid taking us back to our childhoods – before a dishwasher was even heard of ………..  The kids all washing up together and working as a team – Jeff and I side by side, giggling as he tenderly wipes washing up bubbles from off my nose ….. ❤️ We’ve actually been like the Ingles family off Little House on the Prairie 😊

What a load of bollocks!!

Everyone has argued like mad about who’s turn it is to wash up – I’ve had to beg, bribe and threaten them all.  I’ve held Jeff’s head under the water till his legs start to shake and then I’ve tenderly wiped the bubbles off his head when he agrees that yes, it is infact his turn to wash up 😜

We have another week of this – no wonder I’ve had a migraine! 😳😳

The Working Mom

This weekend 3rd born lasted 24 hours on her Brass Monkey Scout Camp and came home a night early.  That was all fine, her and her little friend both said they felt unwell but I’m thinking it was more to do with being bloody exhausted, cold and muddy!

What was very hard to deal with though was her phone call to me late last night on her return.  I was halfway through a 16 hour shift and still had another 8 hours of a nightshift to do.

Little sobbing tears “I want you to come home Mommy” 😢

On one end of the scale I wanted to do nothing more than get in my car and come home to comfort her – and I know there would be folk out there who would come out with that old raspberry “nothing is more important than my child – I would have left and been there”

But – sometimes it’s really not that simple.

Last night in my work capacity I was responsible for 9 vulnerable adults – I couldn’t just “get in my car and go home to my crying child” even though my child is clearly more important than anything else.

3rd born was safe and warm at home with her Dad and family.  If I ran out of my job every time any one of my children requested I would no longer have a job – and as a consequence – they wouldn’t have a roof over their head and a full tummy!

I’ve always worked – from the age of 14 – I’ve always worked.  I work because I have to – to pay the mortgage and bills.  I’m fortunate to do a job that I love.  But even if money was not an issue – I would still work – because this gives me a sense of self- respect and pride.  I’m healthy and intelligent – why would I chose not to work and not offer something back to society?

I hope I have taught my children a good work ethic and that you shouldn’t get something for nothing in this world – if you want something you must work for it.

I hope they are secure enough of my love to never, ever, feel second best to anything or anybody in my life but also realise that I have a responsibility in other areas of my life outside the home.

Course I’ve told her I’m not going to work tonight – I’m staying home with her instead – which has given us both a little warm fuzzy feeling inside ❤️


The No Mirror Challenge – the verdict 😜

I know, I know – I’m a night early and should be doing this tomorrow evening but I’m out tomorrow and I’m sure there is someone somewhere on the Blogosphere who is eagerly awaited my verdict 😳 is there?  Hello?  Hello?  Yoohoo?

Anyway here we go ……….

Once upon a time there was a little boy on his way to the park to play football.  He was hurrying as he wasn’t allowed out for too long and was looking forward to seeing his friends.

As he came down the road he saw an old lady.  She was almost bent double carrying two heavy bags of groceries.  As the little boy approached he could see how much she was struggling.

“Can you help me across the road?” she cackled at the little boy with a toothless smile

The little boy was startled, she truly looked like the old witch in Hansel and Gretel.  He hesitated, boy was she a scary sight! And he was desperate to get to the park – but he was a kind little boy so took the heavy bags from her knarled old hands and dutifully carried them across the road.

When they reached the other side she smiled her thanks and in a flash of light turned into a beautiful princess who granted the little boy three wishes ……….

The moral of this story is this – beauty is on the inside – never judge someone from how they look – there just may be a beautiful princess inside!

This is the story I’ve told to all four of my children as they were growing up – always telling them not to judge from the outside.

Of course it has backfired a few times – like the time I took 1st and 2nd born down to the nursing home I was currently working at and they looked expectantly at all the old ladies awaiting a transformation and three wishes …….. 😄

Anyway my week of not using a mirror and finding my inner beauty has not gone bad at all – I will confess I relapsed at the weekend but that was unavoidable.

No kind child offered to carry my shopping though – probably just as well as I didn’t have any wishes to give away!

I also came to the conclusion that I don’t look in the mirror half as much as I thought I did – probably why I look like a scarecrow most of the time – a happy scarecrow 😃

Beware of this little witch – she’s likely to put a spell on you!