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While the cats away ….😼😼

Ha! Kiera sooooo not impressed with this! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚





Household tip 😜

Happy Hump Day folks πŸ˜„ I return to work tonight after my lovely week off – the sun has shone most days and it’s been lovely having Jeff’s Mom here 😊

Chaos reigns over the household during the school holidays and it won’t be much fun trying to grab some sleep after a nightshift – but hey ho – needs must and all that jazz 😳

I actually thought I would share a little household tip for all you busy Mom’s out there. Β Don’t waste precious time cleaning your oven – I’ve actually gained a new shelf at the bottom of mine – made up of bread crumbs and burnt offering – happy days! 😜

Mother of the Year Award – again πŸ˜³

This popped up on my Facebook memories today:

And the Mother of the Year Award goes to ………… Well, me – actually πŸ˜„

Lana asks me would I take her to the Park. Β I wiped the ice cream gently off her little chin, smiled sweetly and replied

“Of course I will – but don’t think I’m going to push you on the swings or anything like that!” πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


My lovely mother in law is coming to stay with us for a few days before she returns to South Africa 😍 It’s such a shame that my dishwasher has packed up – not much of a holiday for her, being stuck washing up! 😜

As if I haven’t got enough to cope with, Jeff is now demanding clean pants and socks – every day! Β He’s so “high maintenance” – it’s not as if he’s incontinent …….. 😜

Have a lovely weekend folks πŸ˜ƒ

No drugs – not in here :)

Went for a pub lunch the other week πŸ™‚Β  Took 4th born into the toilet, there was a notice in there saying “If you are caught using or distributing drugs you will be reported to the police, bla, bla, bla”Β  Lana asked me to read this sign to her, which I did.

I then turned to her and said in a serious voice “So have you got any drugs on you Lana?”

She looked up at me trustingly and in a serious little voice replied

“Not today – No” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


The Last Day x


Today is my little Cookie’s last day at Primary School.Β  I’m trying hard not to be sad as she is so excited for her future at Secondary – but ………… she is growing up and I miss that little girl so much!

That little girl who slept permanently with me and her Daddy x

That little girl who loved to dance – all the time x

That little girl who believed her Grampy could climb a ladder and fix the moon πŸ˜€

That little girl who loved her Barney the Dinosaur – and cried when a new rhyme came out about “hanging Barney from a tree” 😊

In that little girls place – we now have this beautiful, almost 11 year old – who pinches my make-up, who nearly drives me to drink, who stresses me out beyond all belief and back chats on a daily basis πŸ˜„ but she is simply wonderful!


I love you my little Cookie ❀️


The little things x

Last night was so so hot.Β  The girls were struggling to sleep in the heat and time was getting on.Β  Fourth born eventually fell asleep, on top of her bed, at 10.00pm – really late for a school night.Β  But 3rd born still struggled.Β  I was desperate for her to sleep as its her last day at Primary today and they had a bowling trip planned – I wanted her to enjoy her last day and not feel exhausted.

After fourth born had fallen asleep I drove to the garage to get some milk.Β  I had all the car windows open – the breeze was wonderful after the heat of the day.

I hurried back – it was now nearly 11.00pm – 3rd born was still awake.Β  “Quick” I said to her “put on your dressing gown and come with me” πŸ™‚

Surprised and bemused she followed me down the stairs.Β  I put her in the car and we drove all around the Ring Road of our Town – her little head hanging out of the car window, the breeze making her shriek with excitement.Β  We laughed together and looked at the full moon πŸ™‚

Yes it was madness, yes it was very late – but it was special x

At last, her cool little body slept xx