I am a bird – I am a plane ……..

Had a letter today reminding me I am due an eye check at the opticians.Β  It reminded me of a few years back when I was clearly in the same situation of needing myΒ eyes checked.

I was walking over the school field to pick up 3rd and 4th born.Β  I could see 1st born in the distance – clearly waiting for me – I waved as he looked over and then I started running towards him with my arms open – embarrassing him is a very amusing past-time of mine πŸ™‚Β  He didn’t respond so I decided to up the game and I pretended to be an aeroplane.Β  I began to zoom and swoop my way across the field – a true Boeing 747 in action.

I got closer and realised it wasn’t my Son – just a very frightened and worried looking school boy – yep I was definitely due an opticians appointment πŸ™‚



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