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Household tip 😜

Happy Hump Day folks πŸ˜„ I return to work tonight after my lovely week off – the sun has shone most days and it’s been lovely having Jeff’s Mom here 😊

Chaos reigns over the household during the school holidays and it won’t be much fun trying to grab some sleep after a nightshift – but hey ho – needs must and all that jazz 😳

I actually thought I would share a little household tip for all you busy Mom’s out there. Β Don’t waste precious time cleaning your oven – I’ve actually gained a new shelf at the bottom of mine – made up of bread crumbs and burnt offering – happy days! 😜


Real men and quiche


Someone posted a photo of a magnificent quiche they had made. Β I looked at it and though “yeah I could do that” πŸ˜„ Off I trotted and bought all the ingredients for my pastry and filling ………

“I was intending to make you a home made quiche for dinner tonight” I said to Jeff “but I then realised I didn’t have a flan dish to make it in”😳

“Phew that was lucky” he replied 😳