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The Nativity πŸ˜€

And so it came to pass that after years and years of waiting, one of my offspring, finally, got a decent part to play in the school Christmas Nativity πŸ˜ƒ

Of course there were signs from up above, that someone was favouring my child because when I was walking Peppa, strolling along, humming a few Christmas carols – well, Fairytale of New York by the Pogues actually, a mince pie fell from the sky! 😳 yep, there it landed, right at my feet, I looked up to the sky, just like those shepherds did many years ago, and saw a big crow in the tree right above me – he looked well pissed off – he was making out it was his mince pie that he had dropped 😁

Anyway the signs were looking good for the Nativity. Β I must explain that 1st and 2nd born were never favoured in the play.

“Not a fucking shepherd again” I would mumble to myself whilst I searched for the traditional checked tea-towel to wrap around his head, Β which was always too loose and ended up hanging over his face πŸ˜„ to be fair though they usually had to drag him off the stage by his ankles, as he dragged the manger and baby Jesus along with him. Β Every year after that he was a down graded to a “Villager” which is a cop out for all the kids who cannot be trusted to behave on the stage or are not considered photogenic enough for the school’s newsletter πŸ˜…

2nd born was lucky enough to secure the part of one of the Three Kings – I was so proud ☺️ till he sauntered up to Mary and Joseph, turned down his Bob Marley headphones and said “No worries – Ja will provide” πŸ˜„

He was a “Villager” the following year 😳

So you can understand how bloody thrilled I was to hear 3rd born was to be a “Narrator” – “Yes, Yes” I yelled doing a celebratory dance around the lounge, giving everyone high fives πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Β My baby was going to be wearing a black gown with gold tinsel around the neck – not a fucking tea towel in sight!

She practised her lines over and over again – and some more – in fact she practised them so bloody much the whole family could have stepped in as understudies for her!

The day arrived – great excitement till I asked her what she wanted for breakfast – a little croak came out – she cleared her throat – another little croak – her little voice had gone – her nose was running – she was full of cold 😳

To her credit she still went – she croaked her way through her lines – It didn’t matter that no-one could hear all those words – I heard them – every single one – she was my little Star ❀️😊