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It’s been “One of those weeks” 😳

I’ve had “One of those Weeks” 😟

The nice thing was Jeffrey returned from France – I’m sure after half an hour he was wishing he was back there! 😄

He walked in the door and straight into a full blown conversation that had me explaining to Fourth born that she wouldn’t just “grow a penis because she wanted to!” 😳

Third born was complaining because her school shoes fell to bits – after three weeks of wear!  Ok, I opted for the cheap ones so I guess that was my fault.  I read up everything I could find about legal rights when returning shoddy goods – because of course I hadn’t bothered to keep the receipt!  I memorised and quoted the law like a top class barrister and off I trotted to the shoe shop, like a fighter going in to battle!

The Manager took one look at the shoes and refunded in full – without me saying a word!  I was sooooo disappointed – I learnt all that information for nothing!  😳

I’ve worked almost non-stop this week to earn some extra money for Christmas and I’ve just finished my last nightshift for this week.  Seeing as I have tonight off and have a date with Jeffrey I decide to have a luxurious bath before I take myself off to bed 😊

I then decide the bath needs a clean before I soak my weary, hairy little legs in it.  I discover I’ve run out of bath cleaner so I used Harpic Limescale Remover 😳

Now, instead of smelling of Camomile and Bamboo Milk luxury bubble bath – I smell of a pine forest or a toilet! 😳

I’m going to tell Jeff that I smell like I do to remind him of a romantic date walking through the forest, watching the squirrels and listening to the birds sing 😜 I think my chances of a shag are zero!

Have a good weekend folks! 😃


New beginnings, new loves! 😜

Hope you’re all well.  It’s been a tad manic the past fortnight with third born starting secondary school and fourth born having a mini meltdown now her big sister is no longer in the same school 😁 but we are getting there!

Third born is absolutely loving her new school and has settled brilliantly, although I think a certain young lad in her form has made the world a sunnier place in her eyes 😍

She had only been there 2 days when he asked her out – by the 4th day his words of devotion went along the lines of – how much he loved her, how beautiful she was, how she had completed his life – did I mention they are both 11 years old 😄😄  He even called her his Queen! 💓

Jeff doesn’t call ME his bloody Queen – after 13 years, let alone 3 days – although to be fair I’m allowed to handle the Crown Jewels on a Friday night after a Chinese takeaway 😜😜

Meanwhile fourth born was practicing her spellings for this week.  For each word she had to make a sentence.  One of her words was “Happily” her sentence went as follows:

I happily helped my friend do IT’S homework 😳

I hope IT was very appreciative! 😜😜

Have a good day folks, I’m off for a lie down!

Swept away in the moment 😜

That’s why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties!😳

Someone left the outside door open at work last night and the laundry room was full of Daddy Long Legs! 😳

As I was sweeping the floor I realised they were all in pairs – shagging!  I had accidently gate-crashed a Daddy Long Legs “Over 30’s Orgy” 😳 For the record – I’m fairly sure it was an “Over 30’s Orgy” as they were showing extreme experience and expertise in their positioning! 😉😉

You have to hand it to them though – they never batted an eye-lid and carried on regardless – as I swept them into the dustpan! 😃

Night time company 😃

I’m a lone worker on a night shift.  Having such a manic household I do like the peace and solitude of a night shift.

Most importantly I do my job, but in between I read and entertain myself – I rather like Me and laugh at all my own jokes, just in case no one else does! 😄

However I do get company sometimes.  Tonight’s company is a frog 🐸 We get a lot of frogs in the building.  I’m rather fond of them and usually try to catch them and put them outside, but this little one sat in the darkened corridor and I gave him an unintentional boot up the hallway 😳 I was mortified but glad to say he appears none the worse for wear – I’m now worrying that he may be My Prince and he’s shit scared of me now and won’t stay still long enough for me to kiss him! 😜

Saturday night’s company wasn’t quite so pleasant!  Something caught my eye – a black “dinner plate” ran down the curtain 👀 I did attempt to try and catch this huge beast but he disappeared – and I spent the rest of my shift just knowing he was going to put on an appearance.  When I told a colleague about it, she happily reassured me “I bet that was a Corn Spider” 😳 Am I supposed to feel happy knowing that???? Am I supposed to feel reassured – now I know what sort of spider it was???

I’ve decided to name him Colin the Corn Spider in the hope this will lesson my terror of him 😳

Have a good week folks, hope the sun continues to shine ☀️☀️

Psychic bonds 😄

I’m currently on “Night 6” of 6 nightshifts in a row – and boy am I feeling it!  I don’t normally do this many together but took the overtime to refill the penny pot that got drastically emptied by Peppa’s operation and phantom birth of tennis balls last month!

Nightshifts do suit me – but it is essential I get sufficient sleep during the day otherwise I tend to have the brain of a Rocking Horse!

Since I was a child I’ve always been a tad strange on the sleeping front.  I was a terrible sleepwalker and sleeptalker – infact my Mom used to say I spoke in a different language whilst sleep talking – which seems rather ironic – seeing as it took me 2 years to learn 3 sentences on my Italian course! 😜

When I’m seriously sleep deprived now I don’t talk a different language – I talk complete and utter shite! 😜  In fact if I type anything whilst on a nightshift I tend to re-read what a written the following day with some trepidation 😳

Yesterday whilst asleep, I stirred after only a couple of hours sleep and thought I heard first born in the house.  I called his name a few times but he didn’t respond.  I wasn’t surprised – the whole household know that if I call anyone from my bed – it’s to demand a cup of tea!  I assumed he was pretending not to hear me! 😳

Not to be outdone – I ring his mobile and he picks up.

“Hey, it’s meeeee” I tell him “what are you up to, pretending you can’t hear me calling you!  Can I have a cup of tea?” 😀

“I’m not there Mom, I’m at my place”

“No you’re not” I inform him “I heard you calling me!”

“Mother, I’m at my place, doing my ironing.  I didn’t call you – you’re still asleep and talking shite!” 😄  (he knows me very well!)

“Ah it’s our psychic bond” I tell him “subconsciously you need me don’t you?” 😳

“No Mom” he says with a sigh “I don’t subconsciously need you – go back to bloody sleep!”

“It’s your brother then, he’s psychically calling me – he must need me, gotta go – bye” ……….

I then promptly fell back to sleep without any recollection of having a conversation with him! 😜

Poorly – my arse 😜

I’ve just worked a nightshift and have not one, but two poorly children at home 😳

I must confess I was rather lenient this morning.  For the past two weeks they’ve both had this flu/virus on and off and this morning I just thought Oh fuck it, it’s the last day of school – let them stay off and recover properly.

Now my eldest daughter is nearly 11 and banana head is 8 so they’re not little children and I feel perfectly confident and comfortable in leaving them downstairs whilst I try to grab a couple of hours sleep.

It’s not working – my ears are pinned back – so far I’ve heard the biscuit tin being prized open – the tell tale fizz of a large bottle of coke being opened – the rustling of crisp packets – and the dog has just come up the stairs with a pair of knickers on her head and wearing a cape!😳

I think I better get up ………. 😳

One of life’s little mysteries 😄

I know I’m not the best at housework – this is coming from the housewife (I use that term loosely) that found a stray pork chop under the sofa 😳

I’m not lazy – I’m just so bloody busy all the time I guess the house gets a quick once over and the dusting and polishing is very far down my list of priorities.

However, today I have the tunes a blasting and I’m working my way around with my duster, Mr Sheen polish, trowel and crowbar for all those stubborn little spillages from Christmas 😄

But something is a puzzling me 😳 when I remove all the ornaments off the shelves and polish – how the fuck do I know where they go back ………….


Guilt ……

Hi all – bit of a random title here for me.  But seeing as I’m currently sat here awaiting a consultation with my GP, my over-riding general feeling is guilt – very misplaced guilt – but guilt all the same.

Let me give you some background.  Yesterday I woke early in the morning with, what I knew, was going to be a migraine.  Even after taking painkillers an hour later I was vomiting and continued to do so all day.  My head was feeling like it was going to explode with the pain and in all honesty I wanted to go to A and E but felt too ill to get there Ha!

Today I feel better but very weak and wobbly and frightened that the pain will come back – and on top of all this I feel GUILT!

Guilty that I had to phone in sick, knowing I’m leaving them short-staffed.

Guilty that I had to wake up 1st born to get his sisters to school yesterday.

Guilty that I had to ring Jeff to come home from work as I felt so ill.

Guilty that my little doggie didn’t go out at all yesterday – infact she didn’t leave my bedside – not even to have her dinner – that’s true love – even Jeff and the kids still ate their dinner – but she didn’t ❤️

Guilty that I’m making too much of a fuss and wasting my doctors time.

Oh fuck I know the guilt is so wrong – I’m an intelligent woman – I know I have no reason to feel guilty so why do I?  Why do I always feel guilty for being ill?

If someone else spoke like this I would give them a short sharp talking to but I would also understand because as women I think we do carry a lot of weight on our shoulders and possibly take on everyone else’s worries too.

I will resume to my happy self very soon – if you’ve managed to read this far down, I applaud you, it’s not very interesting reading – I know 😳

I now feel guilty for boring the arse of you all 😜


The Working Mom

This weekend 3rd born lasted 24 hours on her Brass Monkey Scout Camp and came home a night early.  That was all fine, her and her little friend both said they felt unwell but I’m thinking it was more to do with being bloody exhausted, cold and muddy!

What was very hard to deal with though was her phone call to me late last night on her return.  I was halfway through a 16 hour shift and still had another 8 hours of a nightshift to do.

Little sobbing tears “I want you to come home Mommy” 😢

On one end of the scale I wanted to do nothing more than get in my car and come home to comfort her – and I know there would be folk out there who would come out with that old raspberry “nothing is more important than my child – I would have left and been there”

But – sometimes it’s really not that simple.

Last night in my work capacity I was responsible for 9 vulnerable adults – I couldn’t just “get in my car and go home to my crying child” even though my child is clearly more important than anything else.

3rd born was safe and warm at home with her Dad and family.  If I ran out of my job every time any one of my children requested I would no longer have a job – and as a consequence – they wouldn’t have a roof over their head and a full tummy!

I’ve always worked – from the age of 14 – I’ve always worked.  I work because I have to – to pay the mortgage and bills.  I’m fortunate to do a job that I love.  But even if money was not an issue – I would still work – because this gives me a sense of self- respect and pride.  I’m healthy and intelligent – why would I chose not to work and not offer something back to society?

I hope I have taught my children a good work ethic and that you shouldn’t get something for nothing in this world – if you want something you must work for it.

I hope they are secure enough of my love to never, ever, feel second best to anything or anybody in my life but also realise that I have a responsibility in other areas of my life outside the home.

Course I’ve told her I’m not going to work tonight – I’m staying home with her instead – which has given us both a little warm fuzzy feeling inside ❤️