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Compassion and kindness

I really can’t bear seeing videos of folk on Facebook “doing good deeds” like handing out clothes or food to the homeless and less fortunate.

Who are they doing it for?  Do they really think that person wants to be splashed all over Social Media?  Maybe all they have left is a little pride and self-respect – which is torn away when they are used in this way!

Please don’t stop giving – don’t stop caring – but do it from the heart.

Show you care via fund raising, which raises awareness and inspires others to do the same.

Do it simply because you care about your fellow man.

Do it because you feel compassion.

Do it because you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy.

Please don’t do it for praise or for “likes” on Facebook – because when you do – you cheapen the act of kindness.


Trust ❤️

“I have a new locker at school” declares fourth born 😃

“That’s nice” I reply “Does it lock?”

“No, it doesn’t” she informs me 😳

“Oh that’s not very good then.  What’s to stop someone from taking your things from your locker?”

“Why would someone do that?” she asks me looking shocked at the thought 😨

“It’s my locker so no one would take my things, they belong to me!” ❤️

I hope her innocence, trust and honesty never wavers and it will break my heart the day she realises that not everyone has the same morals as her kind little heart xx


Over-protective? 😜

Third born recently had a new love interest 😄 A really nice lad, who called for her after school, held her hand and dutifully walked her back to the garden on her return.

I’m only guessing – but I think he was trying to impress her on his skateboard and went arse over tit, scraping his sweet little face along the gravel path and bending his glasses.  She helped him up and walked him back to his house for his Mom to deal with.

She came home and told me all about it, she even took photos to show his injuries which I questioned- but apparently he needed proof of his injuries to show his friends 😄

“His Mom was very nice” she informed me “but she was a little over-protective”

“Why do you say that?” I asked her

“Well she felt all his limbs, asked him if he needed to go to A and E and generally seemed really over protective”

I smiled at her sweetly “That’s what Mom’s do when their children are hurt” 😍

She looked at me in amusement “You don’t ” she said “You just shove a plaster on, give us a spoonful of Calpol and send us back out to play” 😳😳

Oh …………… 😳

Loss 😞

For 40 years you have been my step-dad.  You were never a major influence in my life but then, to be fair, I had my wonderful Mom to give me all the positive influence I could ever need, but you were always there, in the background.

You have always been a difficult man, but you were “our difficult man” and I have always understood and accepted why you were the way you were.

When we all lost Mom my sister broke all contact with you – saying she had only ever tolerated you because of Mom.  I couldn’t do that – I didn’t want to do that 😞  You were upset and confused at her actions, you didn’t understand.

You’ve been a lovely Grampy to the girls and a friend to the boys, again, they have accepted you for the way you are and have always shown you love and kindness.  You were there the night Lana was born and, along with Mom, you were the first family to hold her and meet your little granddaughter ❤️

Since Mom died, nearly 18 months ago, you and I have spent hours on the phone, both crying for our loss, supporting each other and reminiscing.  I’ve rang you every week to make sure you are ok, making sure you are eating regularly and inviting you over for for dinner and all those special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Easter.  I know you have no other family and I knew Mom would have wanted us to maintain the relationship we have.

You stopped ringing me regularly a few months ago.  You stopped returning my calls.  You began to decline my invitations to come over and spend some time with us, saying you had made other plans.  I’m happy you are building a life without Mom, but does that mean we don’t fit into that life anymore?  When I spoke to you I told you that I worry about you when I don’t hear from you.  I’ve told you that I will drive over to make sure you’re not poorly.  I’ve also told you that you have my blessing to move on if you meet another companion,  you’re still young enough to love again.  I tell you your granddaughters miss “Grampy” and don’t understand why they don’t see you.  You forgot to ring and wish me or Cam a happy birthday.

I rang you today and you told me you were rushed to hospital last week, you’ve had cancer twice and you were experiencing terrible stomach pains.  They kept you in and then released you saying you were ok.  Why didn’t you ring me? You rang a neighbour to bring you home – instead of your family 😔 You were quite blasé about the whole thing replying “you couldn’t have done anything” but I could have cared and made sure you were ok.

I feel we’ve lost you, along with Mom, and that makes me so sad.


Another year goes by 😄

I had such a lovely birthday yesterday 😄 I began the day by completely exploiting 3rd and 4th born and demanding cups of tea in bed – I stopped after 4 cups as we ran out of milk – I have a sneaky suspicion they tipped the milk down the sink to stop my nonsense 😳

I decided to take them swimming – they thought what a wonderful Mommy I was – taking them swimming, on my birthday – but I had a good book I wanted to finish 😄 So I sat by the side of the pool, drinking, yet more tea and reading happily.  I randomly waved and chuckled at their antics – well actually, I didn’t have my glasses with me, so I had no idea which child I randomly waved to – but I’m sure I struck lucky a few times 😜

1st and 2nd born picked us up from McDonald’s afterwards.  The girls have gone past the Happy Meal stage and now have adult portions – but I still have my Happy Meal 😜 – brilliant Nerf toys inside the Happy Meals at the moment 😜

We went home where the boys had bought me beautiful yellow roses and chocolates as well as a birthday cake 😍 which was lovely because my sister also bought me a birthday cake the day before and I had eaten it already 😃


Jeff bought me a new little fish which I am busy bonding with 😍 I’ve named him Podrick and I’m over the moon with him!

I missed my Mom loads yesterday ❤️ She always made every birthday feel so special xx


Have a lovely day folks xx




The Last Day x


Today is my little Cookie’s last day at Primary School.  I’m trying hard not to be sad as she is so excited for her future at Secondary – but ………… she is growing up and I miss that little girl so much!

That little girl who slept permanently with me and her Daddy x

That little girl who loved to dance – all the time x

That little girl who believed her Grampy could climb a ladder and fix the moon 😀

That little girl who loved her Barney the Dinosaur – and cried when a new rhyme came out about “hanging Barney from a tree” 😊

In that little girls place – we now have this beautiful, almost 11 year old – who pinches my make-up, who nearly drives me to drink, who stresses me out beyond all belief and back chats on a daily basis 😄 but she is simply wonderful!


I love you my little Cookie ❤️


The little things x

Last night was so so hot.  The girls were struggling to sleep in the heat and time was getting on.  Fourth born eventually fell asleep, on top of her bed, at 10.00pm – really late for a school night.  But 3rd born still struggled.  I was desperate for her to sleep as its her last day at Primary today and they had a bowling trip planned – I wanted her to enjoy her last day and not feel exhausted.

After fourth born had fallen asleep I drove to the garage to get some milk.  I had all the car windows open – the breeze was wonderful after the heat of the day.

I hurried back – it was now nearly 11.00pm – 3rd born was still awake.  “Quick” I said to her “put on your dressing gown and come with me” 🙂

Surprised and bemused she followed me down the stairs.  I put her in the car and we drove all around the Ring Road of our Town – her little head hanging out of the car window, the breeze making her shriek with excitement.  We laughed together and looked at the full moon 🙂

Yes it was madness, yes it was very late – but it was special x

At last, her cool little body slept xx