Growing up – That Talk!


There comes a time when your children are growing up that you have to answer those awkward questions 🙂 I`ve always believed that if a child is old enough to ask something, they are old enough to have the correct response, how ever difficult or awkward that may be

I`ve often found that children ask questions when you are driving, something to do with the indirect eye contact, in my case its usually something like “Mom, why are you driving like an OAP?” or “Mom, why don`t you overtake that tractor, it`s only going 10mph!” 🙂

So it came about that we were driving along the busy A34 in Oxford, it was a wet and rainy day, with heavy traffic passing us on the dual carriageway.  Cam was sat in the back of the car, Chris was by my side at the front. Along the road we travelled  – slow lane obviously.  Out of the blue, a little voice of my 12 year old son “There`s a lot of drugs around Mom”

Whoa Whoa, where did that come from? I immediately went into responsible parent mode, radio was switched off, deep breath and calmly asked “we`ve never really discussed drugs have we Cam?”

“I’m not really that interested” he replied.  “Well, you must know a little Cam, otherwise you wouldn`t have mentioned them.”

I then proceeded to give my child a full run down of every drug and narcotic known to man, starting with Class A and finishing with Class Z.  I told him how they were taken, what sort of effect they could have, what potential harm they can do.  I finished my drugs talk with “They can kill you Cam!!”

A little voice from the back of the car replied “Only if you walked infront of them!”


Chris gave me a bemused sidewards glance –

“TRUCKS Mom, Cam said there were a lot of TRUCKS about – not DRUGS”


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