Over-protective? 😜

Third born recently had a new love interest πŸ˜„ A really nice lad, who called for her after school, held her hand and dutifully walked her back to the garden on her return.

I’m only guessing – but I think he was trying to impress her on his skateboard and went arse over tit, scraping his sweet little face along the gravel path and bending his glasses. Β She helped him up and walked him back to his house for his Mom to deal with.

She came home and told me all about it, she even took photos to show his injuries which I questioned- but apparently he needed proof of his injuries to show his friends πŸ˜„

“His Mom was very nice” she informed me “but she was a little over-protective”

“Why do you say that?” I asked her

“Well she felt all his limbs, asked him if he needed to go to A and E and generally seemed really over protective”

I smiled at her sweetly “That’s what Mom’s do when their children are hurt” 😍

She looked at me in amusement “You don’t ” she said “You just shove a plaster on, give us a spoonful of Calpol and send us back out to play” 😳😳

Oh …………… 😳


19 thoughts on “Over-protective? 😜

  1. I must admit, I am even worse:
    First I ask “is there any blood?”
    If the answer is “no”, I am like “than it can’t be that bad!”
    If the answer is “yes”, I am like “well, your leg (etc) is still on…. or shall we cut it off?”
    But they do get a cuddle!

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    1. Do you know Roo, I want my girls to be strong – I want them to love and be loved, but never to rely solely on someone else for their strength and happiness. I choose to be with Jeff but I don’t need to be with him – unfortunately I was controlled for too many years in the past with my ex and made to feel I could never manage alone – I proved him wrong xx

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