Chicken or fish? ðŸ˜„

Fourth born gave a dramatic sigh “I can’t eat anymore of my dinner, I’m full up”

As she starts to scurry away to the kitchen I stop her “Show me your plate” I said “I want to see how much you’ve eaten”

She brings over her plate “I’ve eaten my broccoli and carrots and nearly all my chicken”

Chicken??? “You didn’t have any chicken – you had Fish” 😄

“That’s why I can’t eat my chicken – it tastes like Fish!!!”



13 thoughts on “Chicken or fish? ðŸ˜„

      1. Or maybe you are such a magical cook, because you can make people think they are eating chicken that tastes like fish, when actually it is fish after all.

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  1. That’s funny..because I told my children fish was chicken all the time! Eventually they could “smell” the difference when it was being cooked 😉! Mama’s are such liars..even though we mean well

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