One of life’s little mysteries ðŸ˜„

I know I’m not the best at housework – this is coming from the housewife (I use that term loosely) that found a stray pork chop under the sofa 😳

I’m not lazy – I’m just so bloody busy all the time I guess the house gets a quick once over and the dusting and polishing is very far down my list of priorities.

However, today I have the tunes a blasting and I’m working my way around with my duster, Mr Sheen polish, trowel and crowbar for all those stubborn little spillages from Christmas 😄

But something is a puzzling me 😳 when I remove all the ornaments off the shelves and polish – how the fuck do I know where they go back ………….



42 thoughts on “One of life’s little mysteries ðŸ˜„

  1. We have a tradition of throwing confetti on New Year’s Eve using these little spring loaded canons. The confetti finds its way into every nook and cranny of the house. We found 2014-2015 confetti when we were getting ready for 2015-2016!! It’s a big joke in our house now so that Bambino takes some confetti and hides it and then when Daddy finds it he the little one laughs and laughs and laughs. Great fun!

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  2. Housework sucks whether or not you have time for it. It’s a never-ending job, thankless job. I’m seriously considering getting rid of a lot of ornamental knick-knacks so I won’t have to dust them OR figure out where the hell they go. 🙂

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  3. Haha! I thought I was the only one who automatically forgets how everything fit on the shelf when trying to put it all back. I’m a 2-3 times a year duster, it’s just soooooooo not on the priority list. Good on you to be getting it done 😛 means you’ll have a one up on the rest of us come spring cleaning 😉

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      1. I have no idea how a pork chop got under the sofa 😄 I’m inclined to think the dog or cat sneaked it out the kitchen and put it there – the worrying thing was I couldn’t remember when I last cooked pork chops – my sofas don’t get moved that regularly to clean underneath 😁

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      2. The only time the cat tolerates the dog is when they’re in cahoots in the kitchen – they joined forces and stole the turkey carcass one year – had lunch together under the kitchen table 😁

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