auto correct strikes again πŸ˜³

I will be filling you all in about my Gandalf situation later – I know you’re all dying to know what sort of painful agonising week I’ve had 😳

In the meantime as a consequence of my Gandalf situation I had to ring in sick to work – I couldn’t actually speak due to being in so much pain so I text my Assistant Manager – it went as follows:

“I’m really sorry I won’t be in tonight, I’ve fractured my wisdom tooth and trying to get pain under control. Β Dr has now prescribed Tramadol and I’m on the highest dose of Cocaine …………… Oh for fucks sake – Codeine – not Cocaine – bloody autocorrect 😜

I hope I still have a job when I’m well enough to return ……….



12 thoughts on “auto correct strikes again πŸ˜³

  1. Most awesome autocorrect was whole waiting for my boss and texting are you fat and easy instead of are you far away. She read it out loud in the meeting she was in. Still not lived that one down.

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