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Still not looked ………. :)

My first day of “The No Mirror Challenge” was off to a fairly good start 😃

Although there was a dodgy moment first thing yesterday morning when I was summoned to the bathroom by Jeffrey.  Inching my way into the bathroom I very cleverly turned my back to the bathroom mirror before I asked what he wanted.  He was waving around his toothbrush and not looking very happy!

“What the fuck has happened to my toothbrush!” he declared!  I took a closer look – all the toothbrush bristles were chopped off – had to be the work of 4th born!   😂😂

I had to turn my back to him as a snorted and tried not to laugh – and as a consequence came face to face with the mirror – however, I’m going to let this one go and not count it as a failure because I didn’t have my contacts in and all I saw was a fuzzy shape – I did spot my red nose though, but nothing serious.

IMAG2347I just know it will get harder as the days go on – the bristles on my chin will need chopping off – another job for 4th born …………….

Have a good day folks 🙂


The No Mirror Challenge

Following on from my post “Mirror, mirror on the wall …..” myself and Element at elementhealing.wordpress.com have come up with our very own “No Mirror Challenge” 🙂  The idea is to go a whole week without using a mirror, any mirror.  We are promoting “beauty on the inside” plus a few broccoli bits in your teeth 🙂

We are going to post next Tuesday evening how we have found the week, did it make a difference to how we behaved?  Are we going to find it enlightening or a nightmare?

I think I`ll find it easy for the next few days.  I work alone at nights so as long as I’m clean it doesn’t really matter whether my hair or make-up is up to scratch.  Sleeping in the daytime will also mean it can easily be achieved – the weekend may prove a challenge though 🙂

I`ve woken up today with a horrible cold so it`s probably not in my best interest to look in any mirror, I can only imagine my red eyes and streaming nose 🙂

Feel free to join us and let us know how you get on and remember – we are all beautiful!