How to clear the men from the house πŸ˜„

This Friday will be my beautiful Arowyn’s 11th birthday ❀️ Not only is this her birthday but it is also the night of her “House full of 11 year old girls sleepover” Remember this was what I agreed to whilst half asleep a few weeks ago! πŸ˜• We have sleeping bags, face packs, make up, … Continue reading How to clear the men from the house πŸ˜„

Another year goes by πŸ˜„

I had such a lovely birthday yesterday πŸ˜„ I began the day by completely exploiting 3rd and 4th born and demanding cups of tea in bed – I stopped after 4 cups as we ran out of milk – I have a sneaky suspicion they tipped the milk down the sink to stop my nonsense … Continue reading Another year goes by πŸ˜„

From hero to zero …..

“Mom, quick!” shouted my eldest son yesterday afternoon “A fish has jumped out of the tank!” Sure enough one of the small fish tanks was empty. Β Chris pulled back the filing cabinet and there was this poor little fish behind it. Β I picked him up – he was covered in fluff and dust and a … Continue reading From hero to zero …..

Oh behave ……..

The girls have gone to stay with my sister overnight. Β They are both so excited, as is she. Β Her children have all grown up and she adores her little nieces 😍 She is planning on taking them swimming and to the cinema. Β I’m also informed she has “proper hot chocolate” to drink, with squirty cream … Continue reading Oh behave ……..

Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ˜

  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, loving someone ❀️ Be it wife, husband, partner, lover, child or precious pet ❀️ The love is overflowing in the household – 4th born has delivered her gift to her Valentine – which consisted of a letter telling him he was her “best boy” unlike the last one who … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ˜

The true meaning of Valentines Day :)

As Valentines Day approaches we all start to make our romantic plans.Β  I think us women kind of know the routine and what to do to make their men feel loved πŸ™‚ but some men, well, my man, needs a little guidance in areas of Romance, mainly to avoid another situation like this: To be … Continue reading The true meaning of Valentines Day πŸ™‚

The turkey has landed …. and so have the “Trolls”

Oh yes the Christmas Turkey has landed πŸ˜ƒ Christmas is now officially happening – or at least the turkey is – unlike last year when I left it too late and turkeys had all sold out 😳 Β However, I’m not so sure about the “bearded one” landing and bearing his gifts for the “Trolls” – … Continue reading The turkey has landed …. and so have the “Trolls”

Disappointed fairy – with a broken wing πŸ˜‹

In bed and trying to grab a couple of hours sleep before a nightshift this evening, I felt a sharp prod between the shoulders “Don’t wake me up!”😑 I growled at 3rd born – I knew who it was before I opened my eyes – she’s the only one brave (or daft) enough to attempt … Continue reading Disappointed fairy – with a broken wing πŸ˜‹