Understanding ❤❤

I still miss her so much ❤ Merry Christmas Mom xxx


“Have you got everything?” she would ask.  “Give me three rings on the phone when you get home” she would say, hovering around the car.  “Yes Mom” I will I would say slightly exasperated “I only live an hour up the road 😁

I always intended to ring, but sometimes not straight away.  The phone would ring, her little worried voice “just checking your home” x

I understand now Mom, I truly understand xx

Safe flight, keep safe my dear Sons and – please – three rings when you get there ❤

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2 thoughts on “Understanding ❤❤

  1. Prayers and hugs to you! Two of my close friends lost their mothers this fall and the holidays have been particularly difficult. Its hard to know how to help them other than just keep checking on them and pray….. Hope you have felt your mom’s spirit with you this Christmas.

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