Getting ready for Christmas πŸ˜œ

Hi folks 😊 long time no speak/write. Β I’ve been reblogging some of my old posts, not out of laziness but more out of starting a new job, which is fab but on a personal level not finding much sunshine over the past few week.

There’s everyone “Ooooh I’m all ready for Christmas, everything bought, everything wrapped bla bla bla ……” and then there’s Me – “hmmmm should I be making a list or something” 😳

I decided I had to take control of the situation and me and Jeffrey decided to go Christmas shopping today – together – alone – quite frankly this is always a bad idea! Β He’s like an elderly parent – you turn your back and he’s wandered off somewhere, so I then have to spend the next half hour looking for him!

We got 2nd born to babysit the girls and gathered our stuff together. Β “Where are you going?” asked 4th born accusingly

“We’re going to the Zoo – to buy a cage to put you and your sister in” I replied – they have been little beasts lately 😳

Without batting an eyelid she replied “I want the biggest cage – not her!” πŸ˜„

I hope you are all doing better than I am with your Christmas plans – if you’ve managed to bag yourself a turkey and a Christmas pudding – I’ll be joining you on the 25th! πŸ˜„



19 thoughts on “Getting ready for Christmas πŸ˜œ

  1. I have all my Christmas presents wrapped and stored and just finished baking…….
    Though not entirely sure what for a vegan dinner I supposed to create….. well maybe I will roast some real meat for the rest of the bunch.
    Despite all the above it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.
    I even have to work on the 24th (evening) and can’t go to mess and therefor I pity myself (just a tiny bit).
    As for the wander off while shopping, I am the same. Husband turns around for a second and off I am!


    1. I’m beginning to feel a bit more twinkly and christmassy – it’s been hard though – Jeff’s brother passed away 2 weeks ago after his battle with cancer, he was only 40 with 3 young children x

      I started a new job 3 weeks ago, which is fab! Love the job and after today I have 2 weeks paid leave for Christmas – first Christmas I haven’t worked for about 10 years! I do sympathise with you having to work but make up for it on the day!

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 😘😘 xxx

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  2. I buy 4 presents a year and always make sure they are done well in advance as I cannot stand being in the city in December. What little manners people seems to have in the first place go right out the window. My partner and I do not do Christmas. Christmas to us (and my father) is a time for children and my partner’s children are both in their 30s!!!

    Please take care of yourself – sending hugs.

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    1. I suppose to be fair I don’t buy for many adults, just the children, Jeff and I never have any excess cash left over to buy for each other but I don’t mind that x

      Have yourself a lovely Christmas, sending love to you and yours 😘 xxx

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