New beginnings, new loves! πŸ˜œ

Hope you’re all well. Β It’s been a tad manic the past fortnight with third born starting secondary school and fourth born having a mini meltdown now her big sister is no longer in the same school 😁 but we are getting there!

Third born is absolutely loving her new school and has settled brilliantly, although I think a certain young lad in her form has made the world a sunnier place in her eyes 😍

She had only been there 2 days when he asked her out – by the 4th day his words of devotion went along the lines of – how much he loved her, how beautiful she was, how she had completed his life – did I mention they are both 11 years old πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Β He even called her his Queen! πŸ’“

Jeff doesn’t call ME his bloody Queen – after 13 years, let alone 3 days – although to be fair I’m allowed to handle the Crown Jewels on a Friday night after a Chinese takeaway 😜😜

Meanwhile fourth born was practicing her spellings for this week. Β For each word she had to make a sentence. Β One of her words was “Happily” her sentence went as follows:

I happily helped my friend do IT’S homework 😳

I hope IT was very appreciative! 😜😜

Have a good day folks, I’m off for a lie down!


8 thoughts on “New beginnings, new loves! πŸ˜œ

  1. Going on to high school was easier for me as my first brothers went before me. I remember younger sis feeling abandoned – but then she developed new relationships in my old school. Win-win! Thanks for the flashbacks, Lisa!

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    1. Hi Roo 😊 yes I can relate – when my son’s went through this it was completely different, Chris went up with all his friends from primary, Cam just followed his brother. I worry more for Arowyn, maybe because she’s a girl, although she’s full of confidence and fits in well. My poor Lana has struggled a little and after her walking independently for the past year – I’m now back walking her to school. They all adapt eventually I guess, hope you’re well sweetheart xx

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      1. That’s interesting. My promotion to high school “forced” my first sister to own her social stratum, so she became a social butterfly the following year when she started high school. Prayers for Arowyn, that she’ll adjust quickly and you’ll get your naps πŸ˜‰

        I’m okay now having accepted I’ll must be moving home, a thirteen hour drive straight through from here at least for the winter and spring. I really want the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to be home until heaven, but we’ll have to see. Sigh. The continuing saga…


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