Trust ❤️

“I have a new locker at school” declares fourth born 😃

“That’s nice” I reply “Does it lock?”

“No, it doesn’t” she informs me 😳

“Oh that’s not very good then.  What’s to stop someone from taking your things from your locker?”

“Why would someone do that?” she asks me looking shocked at the thought 😨

“It’s my locker so no one would take my things, they belong to me!” ❤️

I hope her innocence, trust and honesty never wavers and it will break my heart the day she realises that not everyone has the same morals as her kind little heart xx



13 thoughts on “Trust ❤️

  1. Sigh. I wish we could all be this way. What changes us?

    I will not tell the story of what happened when my high school locker was robbed each day and my lunch stolen. Let’s just say that I have always been a little extreme….

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    1. It is a shame we change. I think as a society we are more cynical and less willing to trust and see the good in others.

      She was gob smacked at the thought that anyone would “take” anything from her. Experience tells me it will happen, at some point, but hopefully not for a long time x

      I hope you force fed your lunch to whoever stole it! I’m outraged on your behalf! 😊 x

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      1. LOL — let’s just say that I left a uniquely doctored PBJ sandwich in my lunch bag. I found out that three girls were stealing it and splitting the lunch before gym class.. and the doctoring cause an immediate reaction that created a lot of attention.

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      2. By the way, I like the term “gob smacked”! There should be an innocence meter for our children. Each life experience taps that meter. Some never completely lose that innocence (right, Lisa… hah hahhahahaaa).

        I didn’t get to witness the incident. I found out 2 ways — 1. I was confronted by the big boyfriend of one of the girls, and 2. I was called into the high school principal’s office.

        I have probably told the story on my blog before again, but this might be a good one to revisit!

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  2. So sweet. At first I took it to mean that the school didn’t allow locks because they did not trust their students (which does happen, when I was in high school there were hallways of thousands of lockers but no one was allowed to have one because of the few who made poor decisions). Anyway, wish we could stay trusting and innocent as this.

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