Back to School πŸ˜₯

Nope I’m not happy. Β I love the holiday’s and always feel a sense of loss when they return ………….

No, not for them – a sense of loss for ME! Β No more coming home from a nightshift and straight into bed – no more lazy mornings, not worrying about pack lunches, school uniforms, homework and school runs πŸ˜₯

Third born started Secondary School this morning. Β This can’t be right, she’s too small and still just a baby 😳 Β She was so lovely this morning, hugging and kissing me, but I know by next week she will begin the “secondary school attitude” of being sassy, wanting to wear makeup to school and generally giving it large 😳

I hope she’s having a good day. Β I’m missing her – it was her turn to do the ironing …………. 😜


13 thoughts on “Back to School πŸ˜₯

  1. Oh I feel your pain, I truly do. Ours started back at school today here in France too, number four started middle school equivalent, College as it is known here, she is 11, how did it go by so fast. Just one left in Primary school and next year she will be middle school too 😦 I miss having them all at home, I miss the chaos, the mess, the noise, the summer fun. Not a happy camper here at all!

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  2. Here in North Yorkshire school starts next Tuesday for my two older ones and my little miss mouse will start her reception year next Thursday.
    First time for her to be out the house the whole day…

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  3. They grow up so annoyingly fast; sleepovers, make up and rolling up their skirts as soon as they’re out of your sight. You probably don’t want to hear how nice it is to watch the neighbors doing the school days shuffle – relaxing on the porch sipping a cup of brew … Your day will come – and you will probably only enjoy it for a day or two before you take up doing something new also!

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