How to clear the men from the house 😄

This Friday will be my beautiful Arowyn’s 11th birthday ❤️


Not only is this her birthday but it is also the night of her “House full of 11 year old girls sleepover” Remember this was what I agreed to whilst half asleep a few weeks ago! 😕

We have sleeping bags, face packs, make up, nail varnish, Dominos pizza, popcorn, movies and a chocolate fountain 😃

We also have a mass exodus of the men in the household! 😄 Poor Jeff has begged to be allowed out with the boys.  I think Jeff was hoping to be let off the hook and have a quiet game of pool and a pint but the boys have promised him a night on the Town at the local nightclub 😄

I intend to enjoy the solitude of my bedroom and my book – but I will supervise the chocolate fountain and make sure it’s working adequately 😜😜

Have a lovely weekend folks!


27 thoughts on “How to clear the men from the house 😄

      1. I would put money on your mom feeling the same 😄

        Must confess my older sons were so much worse having sleepovers – they used to stay awake all night and boy, they were loud! They have completely “different” sleepovers now – thankfully my eldest has his own place and 2nd born almost left home 😄

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      2. Not really 😄 It wasn’t easy for me, as a child, to have friends over to play or sleep over – I always felt I missed out which, I guess, is why I’m more tolerant – well, tolerant or bloody mad! 😄😄

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      3. Don’t get me wrong – I had a wonderful childhood – along with a very happy, cheerful, alcoholic father 😊 but yes, I guess we all want our children to be happy and have lovely memories – even if those happy memories turn you into an exhausted and emotional wreck at times 😄

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