Come back Jack ……. ðŸ˜•

Fourth born was happily dunking her digestive biscuits in her mug of tea – she’s obviously my daughter! 😜

I heard her cry out in dismay and then heard her crying into her tea.  I ran up the stairs “What’s the matter sweetheart!” I ask her cuddling her little shaking form ❤️

“My biscuit!” she cried!

I looked to see a soggy digestive floating dismally to the bottom of her tea.

“Don’t be daft Lana” I said trying not to laugh “It’s a biscuit, go and get another one”

She looked at me, gave a little sniff and replied sadly “It reminds me of Jack from Titanic ………………….. ”

I really did laugh then! 😄😄😄


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