Night time company 😃

I’m a lone worker on a night shift.  Having such a manic household I do like the peace and solitude of a night shift.

Most importantly I do my job, but in between I read and entertain myself – I rather like Me and laugh at all my own jokes, just in case no one else does! 😄

However I do get company sometimes.  Tonight’s company is a frog 🐸 We get a lot of frogs in the building.  I’m rather fond of them and usually try to catch them and put them outside, but this little one sat in the darkened corridor and I gave him an unintentional boot up the hallway 😳 I was mortified but glad to say he appears none the worse for wear – I’m now worrying that he may be My Prince and he’s shit scared of me now and won’t stay still long enough for me to kiss him! 😜

Saturday night’s company wasn’t quite so pleasant!  Something caught my eye – a black “dinner plate” ran down the curtain 👀 I did attempt to try and catch this huge beast but he disappeared – and I spent the rest of my shift just knowing he was going to put on an appearance.  When I told a colleague about it, she happily reassured me “I bet that was a Corn Spider” 😳 Am I supposed to feel happy knowing that???? Am I supposed to feel reassured – now I know what sort of spider it was???

I’ve decided to name him Colin the Corn Spider in the hope this will lesson my terror of him 😳

Have a good week folks, hope the sun continues to shine ☀️☀️


11 thoughts on “Night time company 😃

  1. I’d take a frog over a spider any time. Except for the Daddy-Long-Legs. They eat bugs. But so do frogs. Besides, don’t you have a prince or two waiting for you at home? ❤ Yeah, I know different kingdom…

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    1. I think I’ve beat my hysterical fear of spiders – I can catch them ok and even find them quite endearing! However, I hate being taken unaware and find them on my person 😨

      Crickets are ok – shall we make a deal – I’ll deal with your crickets and you sort out my spiders 😁

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