Facing your fears πŸ˜³

I’m shit scared of horses.

Apologies to all you horsey folk. Β I have horsey friends, who I know look at me and “snort” – get it 😜 – with disgust at this statement. Β But there you have it.

3rd born seems to have taken a shine to these creatures and was telling me how much she enjoyed going up to the stables with a friend to help muck out and whatever else you have to do 😳

I confessed to her that I have always been frightened. Β I told her how I was badly bitten as a child – by a horse, not another child! Β It was possibly one of the very few times my Dad was in charge of me – and my hand nearly got bitten off! Β It was his/my fault – not the horses fault – but I was only 3 years old – as a consequence, he wasn’t allowed to take me out again and the only horses he came into contact with after that was at the Bookies πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

After my confession to her I kind of expected her to, I dunno, be a little understanding or at least rather touched that I had shared my fear with her little kind heart ………. ❀️

She looked at me with pity and said “Sometimes Mom, you have to just face your fears, instead of running away from them!!!!” 😨

I had to nearly bite my tongue in half as I was tempted to remind her how I helped her “fight her fears” of

sleeping in her own bed

eating peas and reassuring her they wouldn’t grow in her tummy

having a poo on the potty – and no, she wouldn’t fall into the toilet

her first day of nursery and that I would return to get her

Oh there are so many more I could mention πŸ˜„

I think I’ve managed to get by ok so far without facing my fear of horses – and I’m rather fond of Donkeys and they’re nearly a horse – aren’t they? 🐴🐴


16 thoughts on “Facing your fears πŸ˜³

    1. Ha! I feel your pain 😊 I’m hoping this horse business skips 2 generations – when the grandchildren arrive they can give it a go – and by then I’ll be rocking in a chair somewhere – in happy oblivion 😁

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  1. It is not that I don’t LIKE horses… they just don’t interest me at all.
    Also they are quite huge… and those big teeth…
    My daughter used to go horse riding when we where still based in Holland and all I did while waiting for her, was to read my book, occasionally looking up to wave.
    I can remember me being on a horses back when I was little but I didn’t enjoy it at all.
    So, I feel for you, horses are just not for us, for whatever reason!

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  2. Lisa, this is brilliant in it’s fun and simplicity! I’m often too good with so-called animals but I dread interacting with humans. Come on over. We’ll conquer the equines together. ❀ Jus sayin'

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