Taking advantage 😳

Hope everyone is doing ok πŸ˜ƒ I’ve gone a bit AWOL with it being Summer Holidays and trying to balance working night shifts with the girls. Β To be fair they’ve been little stars and on the whole let me have the odd hour to sleep off being awake all night. Β Infact they were so good today and only woke me 15 times in 2 hours I’ve decided to unlock them from the garden shed tomorrow 😜

I get so sleep deprived that I will happily agree to all kinds of requests and never remember a bloody thing when I wake up properly. Β Today I’ve apparently agreed to 3rd born having a sleepover for her 11th birthday at the end of the month – half a dozen 11 year old girls – plus a couple of extras for 4th born 😳

Bearing all this in mind and due to numbers of children inhibiting the household I’ve decided the parents of invited guests must stay also …………..

The invitations are on their way to David Beckham’s children and Brad Pitt’s 😜


16 thoughts on “Taking advantage 😳

    1. Night shift gets a little easier with each passing year – I no longer have to play Sleeping Beauty, where I pretend to be the princess asleep on the lounge floor 😁 I don’t think she would dribble and snore like me somehow!


  1. With five children, I know exactly how you feel, but still they are sweet perfect fun filled summer days. I too have agreed to all sorts of things for a 10 year old birthday party in a couple of weeks, they always know just when to ask!!!

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