No drugs – not in here :)

Went for a pub lunch the other week 🙂  Took 4th born into the toilet, there was a notice in there saying “If you are caught using or distributing drugs you will be reported to the police, bla, bla, bla”  Lana asked me to read this sign to her, which I did.

I then turned to her and said in a serious voice “So have you got any drugs on you Lana?”

She looked up at me trustingly and in a serious little voice replied

“Not today – No” 🙂 🙂



10 thoughts on “No drugs – not in here :)

      1. I must confess my humour gets me into a lot of trouble with my kids 😁

        I tell them jokingly – and they believe me!

        3rd born still believes I am a professional Irish dancer and danced Riverdance on the stage with the wonderful Michael Flatley 😄😄

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    1. I know! 😁 it got me into trouble because she told her teacher and I nearly had to dance in assembly! 😨

      I said my knees are not up to it anymore …… 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭


  1. Yeah, the principal called my folks in 4th grade when I was selling Da’s Lucky Strikes to 6th graders. My first born Iain slipped George Carlin’s Class Clown cassette into his backpack to share for Kindergarten show and tell. His prig of a teacher had no sense of humor and had never heard of Carlin – in 1978 for cryin’ out loud! What did they teach them in school? Now that I think of it she never returned the tape either…

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