The little things x

Last night was so so hot.  The girls were struggling to sleep in the heat and time was getting on.  Fourth born eventually fell asleep, on top of her bed, at 10.00pm – really late for a school night.  But 3rd born still struggled.  I was desperate for her to sleep as its her last day at Primary today and they had a bowling trip planned – I wanted her to enjoy her last day and not feel exhausted.

After fourth born had fallen asleep I drove to the garage to get some milk.  I had all the car windows open – the breeze was wonderful after the heat of the day.

I hurried back – it was now nearly 11.00pm – 3rd born was still awake.  “Quick” I said to her “put on your dressing gown and come with me” 🙂

Surprised and bemused she followed me down the stairs.  I put her in the car and we drove all around the Ring Road of our Town – her little head hanging out of the car window, the breeze making her shriek with excitement.  We laughed together and looked at the full moon 🙂

Yes it was madness, yes it was very late – but it was special x

At last, her cool little body slept xx



17 thoughts on “The little things x

  1. Oh clever and funny mommy 🙂 Solving problems and creating great memories 🙂
    How special to take a drive around with mommy at a time when you should already be fast asleep 😉
    I bet she’ll cherish this one in her heart for quite awhile 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  2. Reminds me of what it was like for me in college, my dorm room on the top floor of a three floor dorm in Joplin, Missouri. When we returned to school in August, that dorm room was an absolute oven. I learned to take very cold showers each evening at bed time, just to lower my body temperature enough to get to sleep.

    You are a great mother and wife to your Jeff. You know that, don’t you? I really admire you for that.


    1. That’s a lovely thing to say – thank you xx

      I love motherhood – tbh it’s the only thing I’ve ever felt I was any good at x

      I’ve changed a lot since my previous marriage – Jeff has ended up with the harder, no nonsense, stubborn wife – the softer, gentle wife struggles to get out – I’m scared of being controlled again x

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