The Last Day x


Today is my little Cookie’s last day at Primary School.Ā  I’m trying hard not to be sad as she is so excited for her future at Secondary – but ………… she is growing up and I miss that little girl so much!

That little girl who slept permanently with me and her Daddy x

That little girl who loved to dance – all the time x

That little girl who believed her Grampy could climb a ladder and fix the moon šŸ˜€

That little girl who loved her Barney the Dinosaur – and cried when a new rhyme came out about “hanging Barney from a tree” šŸ˜Š

In that little girls place – we now have this beautiful, almost 11 year old – who pinches my make-up, who nearly drives me to drink, who stresses me out beyond all belief and back chats on a daily basis šŸ˜„ but she is simply wonderful!


I love you my little Cookie ā¤ļø



17 thoughts on “The Last Day x

  1. They grow up so fast , Isn’t it? My boy turns 4 next month and while am thinking how to celebrate it , the feeling doesn’t go away “4 ?? What ? when did that happen??”

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  2. Adorable ā¤
    And yes it is so hard to see them growing so fast , which is a conundrum because as parents we're also almost always wishing them to šŸ™‚
    Your adorable baby is growing into a beautiful girl ā¤ , congratulations on her "promotion" to big school .
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. My little girl is twenty now. It seems like yesterday when she was 11. I have loved every stage of her growing up and am sure that will continue. Enjoy it because she is about to reach that stage where Mom makes sense and I can tell you are really going to enjoy that. She is going to be a fantastic woman.. because fantastic women come from fantastic mothers!


  4. I feel your pain! My ‘baby’ has just left secondary school. People always focus on the children when actually sometimes it’s the parents that need a little hug to help them transition. Sending you a virtual one šŸ™‚

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