For God’s Sake Eat a Salad :)

I have not a clue where my expanding waistline has come from – no really, I have no idea!  I’m thinking its muscle rather than fat, because I am strong and can carry 4 large bottles of lambrini and two tubs of vanilla ice cream all by myself 🙂

I’m actually happy with my weight gain.  I’m loving my new Beyoncé Arse and rather impressive boobs – course now the weather has improved and the shorts have reared their ugly head again, I’ve noticed my legs are looking somewhat chunky – it doesn’t help that they are always covered up – so they look like two large milk bottles hanging from my arse – but hey ho! 🙂

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is natures plan for me now – this is obviously the shape I’m meant to be at this stage of my life 🙂

I was explaining this strange weight gain with a friend the other week.  She offered me a caramel digestive biscuit and I happily accepted before I could even take a bite of it – the button flew off my jeans 🙂 🙂 I still can’t understand why I’m gaining weight ……………. 🙂


26 thoughts on “For God’s Sake Eat a Salad :)

      1. Yep me too – I really don’t mind too much – its just that none of my clothes are fitting – I was convinced I was putting on a pair of knickers aged 10-11 – they were so small – unfortunately they were mine! 😄😄

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  1. Let me ask you this, and it’s OK if you refrain to answer due to the TMI-ness of the question. How is just expressing his appreciation of the weight gain? My guess is that your buns are getting extra squeezes and your enlarged boobs are getting extra attention.

    I am way too TMI, I know. LOL

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