Is it safe?

Is it? Is it safe to venture back onto Social Media yet? 😳

It would appear that over the past couple of weeks Facebook has turned into a hunting ground, a place where friendships have torn apart, where insults have gathered momentum as our country split down the middle on the EU Referendum.

To be honest I kept my head down. Β Up till the last minute I was sitting on the fence – I watched all the debates, read as much as I could. Β Both camps made promises and insulted the other side. Β I then decided to put my decision in the hands of those I believed made sense and had more knowledge than myself – ie Martin Lewis πŸ˜€ I read somewhere that no one really knew what the repercussions would be of voting Brexit. Β Me, being a creature of habit, still having the same hairstyle I had in 1985, opted to “Stay” and play it safe – who knows what the future holds – and in the words of Forest Gump “That’s all I’m gonna say about that!” 😳

Meanwhile, it’s now week 2 with no Smart phone, which has hindered my internet access no end – however, I am now reading my 5th book and re-discovered the sheer joy of getting completely immersed in a great book! 😍

It is also now week 3 with our little doggie guest, Peanut. Β I simply love this little dog  😍 Our little dog Peppa gets on lovely with her even though Peppa acts like a spoilt baby when Peanut tries to sit on my lap also. Β Peanut can’t see very well and as a consequence walks head first into wheelie bins and lamp posts and falls off the kerb – she reminds me of myself after a couple of glasses of lambrini 😜

I’m off to the hospital for a check up on my wrist today so Happy Hump Day to you all πŸ˜„


24 thoughts on “Is it safe?

  1. I had a massive break down over the weekend over it. I know it sounds extrem but there has been a lot of other stuff going on in my wee life too. I was wiped out from arguing with people about it. I am in and I still am but I need to distance myself from it. It is seriously not good for my mental health ha ha

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    1. I’m with you on that Daisy, tbh I’m rather glad that I was unable to used social media for much of the time – I couldn’t believe the insults flying around!

      On a brighter note – have you had your wedding yet? 😍

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    1. I guess you could just be in a hump 😜 only humping that took place today was my little dog – she regularly humps a very large Pooh Bear πŸ˜„ she drags him around the front room by his leg – I do the same with Jeff 😜

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  2. Yep. It is hell when your country gets torn apart. “Split down the middle” means families and workplaces split down the middle too. It does eventually calm down, but it takes a while. Just hang in there.

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      1. Seem long time ago but NZ was torn apart really violently when the South African Springboks’ rugby team toured the country. Families,friends and workmates were ripped apart, and demonstrations were put down really violently. Your Brexit situation reminds me of that vividly, even though it was so long ago.

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      2. Yes. It was in 1981. Pro tour people were really pleased years later to hear that Nelson had seen some of the TV broadcasts, and said it seemed like the sun was shining at last. But it was hell in 1981 and for a long time after.


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