Busy, busy Bee :)

Bloody chaotic here at the moment.  The Summer Show for the girls takes place next week, so it has been non stop rehearsals, drama and costume change.  This will be a very special Summer Show as it will be 3rd born`s very last one at Primary School – cue emotional tearful mother 😦 No, no not because she is leaving Primary School but because I know she will be hitting puberty and becoming a moody, sassy teenager!

Also my phone decided to “die” on me and stop working.  Initially I was beside myself!  How the hell do I function without my phone?  How do I communicate?  Am I expected to “talk” to people?  But after 3 days I`ve kind of adapted and it has been quite liberating not feeling like a slave to technology – I have also been reintroduced to my husband – he is rather nice when you get to know him 🙂

The Phone Shop gave me a phone to borrow whilst they repair mine.  It is only 15 years old, a little “flip top” Samsung – I would show you a photo of it – but it doesn’t take photos …….. 🙂  The girls were rather impressed – so impressed that they brought all their friends around to view my phone – they all laughed and laughed 🙂

Night off tonight – so Game of Thrones it is 🙂  I have a “thing” for Tyrian Lannister – Jeff is normally game for a bit of role play – but he refuses to indulge me and get on his knees 🙂  Happy Tuesday Folks 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy, busy Bee :)

  1. I’m probably the only person I know who doesn’t constantly have their phone glued to them. Apart from worrying about a disaster at the children’s school while they’re gone I would probably be fine for weeks without one. Hope the girls big show goes wonderfully well and that you get your phone back in time to be able to take some pictures!!

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