Football Warning …….. :)

3rd born came home from school yesterday.  She fell in the doorway laughing, and tried to tell us something funny that had happened at school, but couldn’t catch her breath laughing so much.  After much calming down she told us her class were learning human development and sex education!

How they went about this was to hand out “true or false” statements.  The pupils had to read out the statement and then discuss whether is was true or false.

The one that had reduced my daughter, and her classmates, to near hysterics was as follows:

“Can a male control an erection?”

One of the boys replied that No, it couldn’t be controlled as it had happened to him – whilst he was watching Manchester United play at Wembley Stadium – the excitement had got too much for him!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So gentlemen – if you happen to be watching the European Championship Football taking place at the moment – be warned ………… 🙂


12 thoughts on “Football Warning …….. :)

  1. Oh yes ! Better put a warning out there , maybe before the game or sandwiched into the commercials between the beers and the cars and hair gel ? 😀
    On the other hand … uhm … looking at some of those legs and buns … maybe we’re lucky we (as females 😉 ) don’t have such an obvious demonstration of our excitement over 22 guys running after a ball 🙂
    Turtle Hugs


    1. Much better than 1980’s lessons too – I remember us all being sat in front of a VCR and bring shown a video – one girl passed out the rest of us sat red faced and sniggering with embarrassment – not very informative or open as now.

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