To kill a Mocking Bird

My favourite all time book and film!

This evening I made 3rd born sit and watch this film with me.  I told her she may not understand it all now – but I wanted her to always remember watching it with me and never forget the values and integrity this film portrays.  I also want her to never forget the injustice and how cruel and judgemental people can be.

I thought I may have to prod her to keep her awake – but there was no need ❤️

There was also no need to explain the tears that always come at the end of this film – she understood.


14 thoughts on “To kill a Mocking Bird

  1. Love the movie and the book. Made my kids watch it at about the age your daughter is now. They loved it. Also another of their favorites is “The Lord of the Flies” – the first movie. They frequently refer back to it.


    1. Ah yes Lord of the Flies, another classic. Arowyn gently studied this book last year – I remember reading it and can still recall my unease! Another one is Of Mice and Men. I think every child should be “made” to watch these classics – along with Enid Blyton 😁😁

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  2. My husband “made” me watch it, back in the 80’s. My English was still shaky and I feared I wouldn’t understand everything but I did. It made me understand a time that I couldn’t understand -if this makes any sense.

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  3. My daughter and I both read the book twice before seeing the movie. I read ‘Go Set A Watchman’ a few weeks ago. We both love the book, but only liked the movie. We both also are more critical about a movie if we are excited about the book. For instance, watching Ink heart with my daughter was torture because she complained about how the movie did not follow the book.

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