Arowyn is off to France tomorrow with the school. Β She is so excited and looking forward to it! πŸ˜„

Her little suitcase is packed, well, in a fashion, when I checked she had forgotten to pack her pjamas but had packed 10 pairs of knickers – for 3 days! πŸ˜„

For me, the highlight of the trip will be their visit to Etaples Military Cemetery. Β This Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery holds over 11,500 dead soldiers from World War 1 and World War 11.

I made her late for school last week by giving her a history lesson about this particular excursion. Β I told her the story of her Great-grandfather, my Grampy, and how he fought and survived in the Second World War. Β I told her how he was at Dunkirk in France when the British and Allied Forces were stranded on the beaches and Harbor, cut off and surrounded. Β They had to swim for their lives. Β My Grampy swam with his best friend on his back, only to have his friend blown up, he carried on swimming with what was left of his friends body, still on his back.

My Grampy survived x

I think she may be too young still to truly appreciate the significance of this excursion but I hope her little kind heart takes a moment to Remember those who gave their lives.

This will be the furthest away she has ever been from home but I am also so excited for her ❀️

Keep safe my baby girl and please don’t bring home any Snail Pate from the snail farm – I really don’t want any 😜


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