Missed opportunities 😳

When my eldest son was away at University he was approached by a woman in a bar. Β She asked him if he had any acting abilities as she was casting for a Play and had a part she thought he would be perfect for. Β He turned around and told her he couldn’t act! 😳

When he told me I couldn’t believe he didn’t at least audition – he could have been the next Tom Hardy or Daniel Craig – or even Mr Bean!!

I asked him what was the part she thought he was perfect for – apparently he looked perfect for the part of an Asylum Seeker! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„



3 thoughts on “Missed opportunities 😳

  1. He should’ve tried!!!
    My brother was approached on a plane once by someone asking if he had any animal rescues experience. He says the guy claimed to be from a tv network looking for a host for a show on rescuing animals. My younger brother is a good looking kid and the guy wanted him to audition. He also laughed it off! What?!?!
    It could’ve been huge!!

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