Psychic bonds πŸ˜„

I’m currently on “Night 6” of 6 nightshifts in a row – and boy am I feeling it! Β I don’t normally do this many together but took the overtime to refill the penny pot that got drastically emptied by Peppa’s operation and phantom birth of tennis balls last month!

Nightshifts do suit me – but it is essential I get sufficient sleep during the day otherwise I tend to have the brain of a Rocking Horse!

Since I was a child I’ve always been a tad strange on the sleeping front. Β I was a terrible sleepwalker and sleeptalker – infact my Mom used to say I spoke in a different language whilst sleep talking – which seems rather ironic – seeing as it took me 2 years to learn 3 sentences on my Italian course! 😜

When I’m seriously sleep deprived now I don’t talk a different language – I talk complete and utter shite! 😜 Β In fact if I type anything whilst on a nightshift I tend to re-read what a written the following day with some trepidation 😳

Yesterday whilst asleep, I stirred after only a couple of hours sleep and thought I heard first born in the house. Β I called his name a few times but he didn’t respond. Β I wasn’t surprised – the whole household know that if I call anyone from my bed – it’s to demand a cup of tea! Β I assumed he was pretending not to hear me! 😳

Not to be outdone – I ring his mobile and he picks up.

“Hey, it’s meeeee” I tell him “what are you up to, pretending you can’t hear me calling you! Β Can I have a cup of tea?” πŸ˜€

“I’m not there Mom, I’m at my place”

“No you’re not” I inform him “I heard you calling me!”

“Mother, I’m at my place, doing my ironing. Β I didn’t call you – you’re still asleep and talking shite!” πŸ˜„ Β (he knows me very well!)

“Ah it’s our psychic bond” I tell him “subconsciously you need me don’t you?” 😳

“No Mom” he says with a sigh “I don’t subconsciously need you – go back to bloody sleep!”

“It’s your brother then, he’s psychically calling me – he must need me, gotta go – bye” ……….

I then promptly fell back to sleep without any recollection of having a conversation with him! 😜


20 thoughts on “Psychic bonds πŸ˜„

  1. From Friday to Saturday night, my husband said to me, he wants to come running in the morning with me.
    When I woke up Saturday morning I sneaked out of the bedroom, got ready and off I went in our car to Reeth. He then phoned me to ask where I was and that he told me he wants to come too and apparently I also answered.
    Oops, my bad…
    Totally forgot…

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  2. That’s awesome. I’m a fellow walker-talker. When we were first married, Happy woke to the bedroom light on and me in the corner scrubbing at the rug underneath the nightstand table with my hands. When he asked me what I was doing, I said, “the chef dropped a #10 can of crushed tomatoes here in the corner and I have to clean it up.” While talking, I woke up enough to realize the mess had “disappeared.” πŸ™‚

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  3. This post is so funny. But it did bring back memories of me sleep talking. My mother used to say I spoke in a different language also. One night, I gave the lottery number to one of my sisters and she won some money with them, She didn’t even shared it with me though. Darn it!

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    1. Wow! That’s pretty impressive with the lottery numbers 😁

      Wonder if there’s anything in the “talking in a different language whilst sleeping” lark – I’m going to research that tonight 😁

      I don’t think I’ve ever come out with anything profound – I chatted about Easter bonnets once though ……… 😨


  4. Haha, this is so funny. I got them waking up moments every so as well. Waking up and feeling strong connection with my kids or husband. Need to hear from them, that they are alright and they do not need any help from me.
    It happened to me last week when I was calling my husband, I felt something was wrong and this time I was right. He works as a night driver and he had small collision. I called him an hour afterwards – boy he was surprised when I asked him if he is alright as I sense something was wrong!

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