How is this fair? 😳

So I accidently say “bloody hell” Lana gives me a right telling off and tells me I must apologise – so I do 😳

Meanwhile Jeff is doing some drilling and the drill slips – he says “Fuck” and Lana proceeds to roll on the floor laughing hysterically 😳

Now where the fuck is my Halo?


11 thoughts on “How is this fair? 😳

  1. Bahaha, oh that’s always the way it is! Usually in our house my curses come out from frustration (or accidental self injury in the kitchen, no one laughs when there’s blood in their salad) BUT when Mr. Mango let’s one slip, it’s usually a goof, slip or trip. Definitely something youtube worthy and we’re all usually in stitches laughing at his blunder. Even still, my share in the swear jar is much much larger 😛

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      1. It has paid for many an ice cream trip or new family movie over the last while! Thankfully it only get’s paid to when a child under is nearby and awake!

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