Ooooopppps 😜

Hope you’ve all had a Happy Mother’s Day ❀️ We celebrated our Mothers Day back in March but it didn’t stop me trying to wrangle another one today 😜

I thought I would share a little Sunday tip for you all 😳

If you happen to have a kitchen on a second storey be aware that placing a lamb bone on the window cill to cool down before giving it to beloved dog could potentially damage your husbands car which is parked underneath aforementioned window – when it is pushed out the window by hungry cat πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Blimey, the fuss Jeff made! Β It’s only a small dent ……. 😜


9 thoughts on “Ooooopppps 😜

    1. Definitely! You should have seen me, I walked into kitchen and discovered bone had gone – I searched the kitchen – not believing the cat strong enough to carry it – it was Jeff who said “it hasn’t fallen out of window, has it …………. ” 😁

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