My favourite thing πŸ˜œ

Playing Hangman with 4th born.

I go first and choose my word, Lana asks for a clue. Β My clue is my “favourite thing” – my word is Piglet 🐷

Lana’s turn, she chooses her word, I ask for a clue. Β Her clue is her “favourite thing” her word is Mommy ❀️

I really don’t deserve this precious beautiful loving child – she knows I would swap her, and her siblings, for one little Piglet πŸ˜„


17 thoughts on “My favourite thing πŸ˜œ

      1. I think it is moments like what you just wrote about that help me to enjoy your blog the most.. besides reading about how much you like to boink Jeff. That makes me smile too. Seriously, what makes you happy is when your family, your husband, is happy. That, my friend, is very cool.

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      2. That’s a lovely comment to make, thank you x I look forward to seeing you pop up – not literally πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ – but I enjoy your humour and outlook on life very much – you have a lovely day my friend xxx

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