My little scout returned ❤️

My little third born scout returned from a weekend of camping today 😍 I knew she had arrived as the car turned onto the estate – I could say it was a Mother’s love and instinct – but I could smell her a mile away!

She arrived with her muddy rucksack and smelling like a bonfire!  She hadn’t brushed her hair for 4 days or changed her clothes!

She had a fantastic weekend although she did say she had tears on the last night wanting to come home – she was freezing in her tent but I like to think she missed me more than her creature comforts 😄

Tomorrow is the beginning of her S.A.T.S. Exams so I’m glad she had some fun before they begin – I refuse to wish her luck because I don’t agree with these exams but she’s looking forward to this week – not for the exams – but because they get a free cooked breakfast ……… 😄




14 thoughts on “My little scout returned ❤️

  1. awwwwwww… it’s nice she missed you.

    My 20 year old daughter spent last summer as a camp counselor. She had stories to tell me about the weeks of camp with girls your daughter’s age.. and it included hygiene stories, as well as constant reminders to flush the toilet! The girls were constantly asking her to brush their hair, read them stories, tuck them in. Alyssa was very tired after those weeks of camp.

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  2. My daughter went to pony club camp and had to wear white blouses in the various competitions. They were so filthy when she returned that they took many washes to come clean. However, she had a fantastic time and what is a little extra washing compared to that!

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  3. I have a soldier and a boy scout in my family. Both of them have returned in states in which I could smell them before I could see them. They are required to shower immediately and complete their laundry within six hours of awake time.

    I’m glad she had fun!

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