Grandparents 🎾🎾🎾

Jeff and I are happy to announce we are now proud, but rather worried, Grandparents to ……….. 3 tennis balls 😜😜😜

Yes, you heard me correctly, after having Peppa our little Jack Russell spayed last week she appears to think she’s given birth ❀️ and her 3 babies are 3 yellow tennis balls which we bought for her after her operation.

These new little bouncing babies are carried tenderly around the house by their weeping mother, she gathers them gently around her and snuggles them up underneath her – it’s comical but quite sad to witness. Β It makes me think what a wonderful little Mommy she would have been πŸ˜” plus of course – I would have had puppies for grandchildren as opposed to yellow tennis balls!

She’s going back to be checked by the vet to make sure she’s not producing milk and to have a check over. Β Personally I think she’s depressed – I accidently kicked one of her “babies” along the hallway – but that wasn’t as bad as Jeff sitting on them! 😳

Don’t panic folks – these are last Christmas’ babies

4 thoughts on “Grandparents 🎾🎾🎾

  1. We had a dog do this once as well. A complete false pregnancy and then bonding with a stuffed bear. It is heartbreaking and sweet but I can tell you as an experienced puppy foster, your ‘babies’ are a lot easier to clean up after and keep an eye on….even if they are all rolling in different directions πŸ˜‰ Feel better Peppa! From another old gal recovering from a ‘spay’ to another lol

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