Stolen 😳

A beautiful sunny day – I’ve done all my washing and go to peg it out. Β Can you believe it – some thieving bastard has stolen the hole that I stick my washing line in! 😳

I even mowed the grass to see if I could find it – which incidentally, isn’t on my list of jobs – it’s on Jeffrey’s 😳 I’ve crawled over the grass feeling for it with no luck – it’s definitely gone 😜


20 thoughts on “Stolen 😳

  1. OK I admit it, it was me! I’m sorry but I only had half of a hole and I needed a whole hole. If you look in the sock drawer you may find one with a hole in it. If so, lay the sock on the ground and then you can put your washing line in that hole. Afterwards you can wash the sock so that you will always have a clean hole to go with the clean washing. Hope that helps. If not, head for the gin bottle.

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