I’m here for my Tooth dammit!

Remember my broken dodgy wisdom tooth? Β Well it’s still awaiting extraction but yesterday I had to go for my pre-op assessment at the hospital.

I followed the directions to the building I required – only to find my TOOTH clinic was in the same building as the Sexual Diseases Clinic! 😳

And if that wasn’t bad enough – the entrance was on the main road – my appointment was for 9.00am – rush hour – so I played the part for all the watching motorists sat in the traffic – and had a good scratch before entering the building! πŸ˜„


19 thoughts on “I’m here for my Tooth dammit!

    1. I’m not looking forward to it – I’ve got to have a general anaesthetic as the tooth is fractured – I’m pleased I won’t be awake for it! Thanks for the tip – I think I’ll get Jeff to look after girls and do all the housework on my return – shall I say a week or push my luck for a couple of weeks 😁😁😁

      Ps I’m guessing I can consume soft chocolate bars? And maybe ice cream? πŸ˜„


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